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by Tori Sharp

Please welcome your latest obsession - FAANGS.

Her song writing skills have been hyped by the pop-prodigy herself Billie Eilish, so we were stupidly excited to talk to FAANGS about her debut EP. It is not her first foray into the business we call show, but it is her first solo release. HUH is out now and is an electric introduction… so without further ado, please welcome FAANGS.

Firstly, congratulations on your debut record! How does it feel to have released the first track to your new EP?

Thank you so much! Honestly, I am so beyond gassed that I’ve even made it this far, so I am nothing less than thrilled. I feel like there is no better introduction to the FAANGS world than HUH. I am so proud of the song and visual, I really feel like this is the start of something incredible.

How would you describe your sound to a new listener?

The sound! Ah yes! I feel like it’s a mix of trap, pop, some Rockstar shit and a pinch of high fashion (if you can imagine in your own mind what that may sound like.) Basically, dark pop music that you could dance your ass off to at a festival or in the club!

You’ve already been working within the industry for such a long time, do you feel settled or is there always a need/pressure to fit in?

I’ve always been a human who is unconcerned with being anyone else but myself. If anything, I make the efforts every day to make sure I absolutely do not fit in. There is a definitive, overlying pressure in this industry to be a certain way, especially as a female, but it depends how you want to interpret it. Because I’ve been in this industry for a hot minute, I’ve given up of giving any sort of worry or stress towards being someone I’m not. If someone has something to say, I just keep moving!

Do you feel like the industry has changed since you first arrived 10 years ago? If so, how? And what other changes would you like to see?

Damn, 10 years?? You’re making me feel old as hell, haha. The industry has definitely not changed as much as I would’ve hoped by now, especially with regards to the pressure to look and beave a certain way if you’re in front of the camera. I am definitely seeing more artists and performers rebel against societal standards now, and it is so refreshing to see a new mould being made.

Growing up on set of a TV show must have added a lot of outside pressure to your adolescence, how were you able to cope with that?

I will not lie, growing up under a microscope from the age of 12 to 18, was extremely tolling on my physical and mental. The pressures of being everyone’s everything, with heavy working hours and the need to be as perfect as possible definitely wore me down after a couple years. Don’t get me wrong, having the opportunity to have an experience like that is one I will never take for granted, but I definitely faced repercussions of the stress. It has earned me some real strength to stay in this industry though, I feel pretty damn near untouchable in terms of navigating around this crazy industry BECAUSE of all the things I went through at such a young age. Everything builds character and strength for the future.

What has been your proudest moment of your career so far?

Hmm. This is a tricky one. I feel like sometimes getting out of bed when I’m really going through it can be a huge accomplishment, and sometimes having the opportunity to write records with artists I look up to and having a Canadian Screen Nomination is another accomplishment. I see them all as equal. I think that the fact that I’m still here, pushing through and breathing air into the lungs of this project, when many didn’t believe in it for YEARS, is the ultimate accomplishment. This record and the beautiful people that support it is the only thing is this world that keeps me going. I am beyond grateful to still be here making the sh*t that I love.

You’ve said that you’ve found out a lot about yourself through making these songs. What has been the most shocking/interesting thing that you have found out?

I’ve always seen being in the studio as going to therapy. So, imagine, every day, 18-20 hours a day, you’re picking apart yourself, your emotions, what you’re going through – you find out a lot about yourself pretty damn fast. I think the new thing I’ve discovered is how much Ilove writing lyrics – intricate, visual and cheeky lyrics. My best work thus far as an artist and writer is certainly in this new project, I am so geeked to share it.

You’ve worked with ashnikko and Grimes on their track Cry – how was that experience? Do you think you will work with them again in the future?

Ash and I have been friends way before her career blossomed into what is now. She deserves the world. We’ve been writing for nearly two years now, which is how we initially met – in a session. The making of Cry was a complete accident. We were in studio as new friends, on some hyper energy bullsh*t, eating deep fried fish and jollof rice, and were like “hey, why don’t you just scream into the mic and let’s make some blink 182 hot mess of a tune.” Being the goddess she is, she is down for anything, so she started screaming into the mic and 40 minutes later we had Cry. Ash and Grimes are cool with each other so that’s how the collab came about. I haven’t personally met Grimes yet, but I am shook to be a part of a song she is also on, as a fan and a writer. My two favourite badass gals on one song!!!

Can you talk us through the upcoming EP, and which track you are most excited about us hearing?

OH MY GOSH THIS PROJECT. NO ONE IS READY. I AM NOT READY. ‘Teeth Out’ is a dark and twisted, beautiful work of art. It is difficult to explain in words, which is why I can’t wait to physically play it for people, but this project is like nothing you’ve ever heard. It taps in to so many different emotions, narratives and situations. You can cry in the club to it, rage and dance to it, lay down and stare at the ceiling to it, drive in the dark at 3am to it – Teeth Out is everyone’s soundtrack. One of the tracks I am most excited to share is Lonely, I won’t say too much more, but it’s REAL special.

After the EP release, what are you hoping to work on next?

After the project release, I’m going to work on the next wave of music to follow Teeth Out. Hopefully when the world goes back to normal, I can finally start playing shows and meeting new fans. That is what I’m most excited about!

Press play on FAANGS’ ‘Huh’ below now.

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