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by Megan Bowles

Make way in your playlists for the ultimate queer love story anthem.

Two independent artists, FLAVIA and Cami Petyn, have come together to mix their signature indie-pop and alt-pop rock styles and create their debut collaboration – a celebration of everything it is to be young and in love. Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions as heartfelt lyrics and an upbeat synth-pop melody fuse into one expression of pure queer joy. The new single, ‘Sepulveda’, is a flurry of high energy and is named after the longest avenue in LA, a symbol of the long-running love and admiration that the pair hold for one another.

FLAVIA is known for her unapologetic curiosity about life, love and sexuality that she expresses through her powerful beats and energetic stage presence that can get anyone up and dancing. There’s a tangible strength in her music that her audience responds to, making her one of pop’s most exciting new artists. Her previous releases have heralded countless accolades, including winning the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting competition, being a finalist in the Great American Song Contest and being celebrated by Billboard on her single, Til I Die, that reached almost a million views in the first month of its release. Having grown up in Ireland, Italy and having lived in almost any place you can think of in the US, the now LA-based electronic singer-songwriter and producer perfectly balances Cami Petyn’s grit and rock tempo in their new single.

In her teenage years, you could find Cami Petyn headbanging at the front of heavy metal shows, and since becoming a singer-songwriter herself, her early musical loves are clear influences in her signature alt-rock style today. However, Cami never fails to push the bounds of genre, taking elements of old-school jazz to push innovation in her alt-rockery. Cami Petyn’s music is a reflection of her true self, where she is never afraid to share thought-provokingly honest (and incredibly relatable) lyrics that are as transparent and open as can be, a reputation that has fostered her a devoted fan base.

We heard from FLAVIA and Cami Petyn about their first collaboration, what it’s like to be new-gen artists in the industry and more…

Congrats on your new single ‘SEPULVEDA’, tell me a bit about the making of that song.

FLAVIA: I was actually in Berlin when we wrote this. I Zoom’d in with Cami and Matt and Aaron (who produced the song) while they were all in the room together! It was so special to be able to be in different parts of the world and still able to create together. And since its completion, it’s been really fun to be able to do photos and videos together and create our saucy lil love story.

Cami: At the start of the session FLAVIA and I were chatting about our own coming out stories and how we ended up becoming comfortable exploring our own sexualities. I’m not sure how the conversation even got brought up but somewhere in the midst of it we realized- damn, two queers talking about sex? We gotta write a queer sex song haha. So we did!

What makes you both want to make music?

FLAVIA: I feel so lucky to be able to put my deepest, hardest, most beautiful and vulnerable feelings into song and release them into the world to be a connector or healing outlet for others who may have experienced something similar.

Cami: There is no better high than writing a good song. The making of the music itself makes me want to make music. Also, being able to connect to others through my songs is deeply important to me and always keeps me driven.

What drew you to working together?

FLAVIA: I mean Cami is a badass, so duh! I have so much admiration for Cami, she’s so hard-working and her journey with music is really inspiring. We originally wrote this song without any expectation for what it had to be and just to create something beautiful. Then we both loved it and decided to release it together! As 2 solo artists who normally have to do everything on our own, it’s been so fun having a partner in crime on this. Plus who doesn’t love an epic online love story!!!

Cami: I see FLAVIA as a kindred soul – we both are two insanely hard-working and passionate women. So it was kinda a no-brainer to set up a session together. I had no idea what to expect as I had only met FLAVIA once before, but SEPULVEDA was the glorious result! FLAVIA is massively inspiring and I am very grateful my first collab was with her 🙂

What are each of your earliest memories of music?

FLAVIA: Selling “tickets” to my parents for performances in our living room…I was 5. Lol

Cami: My earliest memory was when my sister and I were toddlers we would play fake American Idol in the back of my dad’s car while he drove. I always sang Britney Spears because that was one of the first CD’s my dad had bought after emigrating from Poland, LOL.

How would you both describe your work in 3 words?

FLAVIA: The Love Doctor

Cami: Gritty, intense, authentic.

Every artist has their muse. Who or what is a source of inspiration for you both?

FLAVIA: Life, travel, love, connection, silliness, skinny dipping, oceans, stars, laughter, books, queerness, fluidity, deep conversations, and nature.

Cami: Life is my muse. Anything that gives me big emotions WILL be turned into a song. And I’m always inspired after listening to any artists that are fiercely authentic.

What are the five albums that you feel have shaped you both the most personally?

FLAVIA: Currently I am obsessed with the new Tove Lo, the new Fletcher, Love Death & Dancing by Jack Garratt, and Surrender by Maggie Rogers.

Cami: Dirt by Alice in Chains, Nevermind by Nirvana, Citadel by Ne Obliviscaris, Hypnotize by System of a Down and….whatever Britney Spears CD my dad bought, hahaha.

How do you navigate the music scene as young creatives?

FLAVIA: It’s so easy to get lost in the industry machine, and all the madness and pressure of social requirements. I try to stay as true to my values, vision and purpose as possible so I don’t lose sight of why I love this path.

Cami: I navigate the music scene by having weekly meltdowns, but then I try to remind myself that music is the love of my life and it’s worth the struggle and pain lol. And also, what Flav said.

What should be the role of new-gen artists in modern society?

FLAVIA: Find your voice, your truth, your rawest honesty and share THAT with the world. I think globally we’re in such need of deep healing and connectivity and artists are so fortunate to have a voice that people want to listen to. Let’s make it count 🙂

Cami: To be fearlessly AUTHENTIC. We have lots and lots of songs but damn do we need more SOUL-FILLED ART.

What do you both hope people take away from your work?

FLAVIA: I hope in some way they can connect to my story in their own way and feel less alone, and dance around in their underpants and feel fucking glorious about themselves.

Cami: I always hope when someone is listening to my song they stop and think “holy shit, I didn’t know somebody else felt like that too”. And if not, I hope to give them 2-3 minutes of rocking the fuck out.

Where do you to see yourselves in five years?

FLAVIA: Doing all the same things but in a bigger setting.

Cami: Releasing albums and touring the world, and rocking-the-fuck-out with my incredibly loving, badass fans.

What’s next for you both?

FLAVIA: I’m releasing some of my favorite music yet, and working towards an album! I cannot wait to share it with everyone!

Cami: I might have an EP coming…. 😉

Press play on FLAVIA and Cami Petyn’s track ‘SEPULVEDA’ below now…
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