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by Tori Sharp

Get ready for this pure pop party from Kirsty Grant.

Scottish pop princess Kirsty Grant is back with her second EP, Chain Reaction, and we are quite pretty thrilled. Since her first release back in 2019, Grant has been producing work of the highest quality, with on-brand lyricism, smooth production and an overall pure pop-py feeling.

The new EP was a self-imposed task according to Grant, who tells us “I thought I wanted to challenge myself and take the next step of releasing a full body of work, rather than stand-alone singles. Writing the tracks and deciding the track list was the easier part but trying to plan the visuals and for the first time create cohesive releases and cover arts etc was the challenging part.” It has a futuristic edge that complements her usual sound. The visuals reflected the theme of the EP and the title matches the visuals. “Everything just fell hand in hand with each other.”

Chain Reaction is not a far cry from Grant’s previous releases, yet it feels more cohesive. She tells us that she is working on adding an edge to the tracks to “spice it up a bit…Especially with the tracks I am currently working on for post EP releases, I am really trying to experiment with ways on making my pop music unique and fresh.” Taking inspiration from some of the world’s most influential voices (Queen B and Ariana Grande), Grant tells us that listening and singing along to their powerful voices has helped her to gain agility and explore more side of her already strong vocals. Staying closer to home (Grant is Scottish but is now based in London), our national treasure Cheryl has always been Grant’s hero. “I would practise her live dance routines in my bedroom almost every night, pretending it was me on the stage.” (Didn’t we all?)

Keeping this genre alive and kicking is not always the easiest task, with some pop music nay-sayers about, but there is a reason that it is popular and it’s because it works. “The current musical listening preference also changes so much, even with the introduction of TikTok, people are wanting fast paced catchy hooks to dance to etc. I will always adapt my music to fit the current musical styles, but not purposely, I always keep my roots of what I love to do.” Grant is solidifying a place for herself in the pop-palace and we hope that she will be staying there a while!

What do you envision the future of music to look like?

I hope that the future of music will be great, and that artists and musicians will be valued and be respected more than they are now. It’s so hard to guess, as even the platforms that we listen to music on could change, or the way we consume music. Impossible to guess but I am going along for the ride.

What is one change you’d love to make to the industry?

I wish it wasn’t as cut throat and money hungry, was more about the art and creativity. I understand why it needs to be money driven, but when I read tweets from artist’s that I love, like Raye, Julia Michaels or Madison Beer saying their labels aren’t funding/promoting some of their releases, and I know TikTok starts who aren’t even musicians are funded beyond belief, it scares me as an artist.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Julia Michaels, as she is one of my favourite writers in the world. Her level of talent is something I aspire to reach, and she pushes me to do better every time I hear one of her songs. Also, artists like Ariana Grande of course, since I have been a fan for over a decade now haha, and other pop/writers and singers that I look up to. The list could really go on and on…

Where would be your dream venue to play?

My biggest dream would be the 02 arena and the hydro arena is Glasgow. They are the venues where I go to see my heroes, so playing there one day would be surreal. Also, the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire is on my list, as it’s a fantastic venue that artist’s I look headline.

Who are you betting on for future stardom?

I am loving Mimi Webb at the moment, she is already blowing up but I can just see this is the start. Also, a lot of the artists I am working with, to name one, an artist like ili, who worked on my EP with me. I’m just waiting for her to blow up at this point.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

As in independent artist, the thought of the future and where I will be sometimes scares me. So much is unknown. But I hope that my growth as an artist and confidence in my abilities and songwriting develops massively over the next year, and I can expand my music network and work with some idols of mine. I hope to be a full-time singer, earning enough money to be comfortable, and I hope to be signed to a label and release music that I love, and performing to people who love the music too.

The next 5 years?

This question is even scarier haha, I always had a big plan in my head when I was younger, that I would be signed at 18 and touring the world. When in reality, that didn’t happen, but I am glad it didn’t. The version of me that I was back then, knew next to nothing about the industry and didn’t have the experience or confidence to be able to thrive. Now I have put so much work into preparing myself and doing all of the ground work, for what will hopefully be the next level which would be being a full time pop artist and touring/releasing albums. I hope in 5 years, to have played at my dream venues, to have released a couple of albums, have a fan base that loves what I do, live off of my music earnings and continue to enjoy the work I do, keeping my love for music just as strong as it is today.

Chain Reaction, the EP is out today, press play below now…

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