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Get To Know:Rhys Lewis

by Patrick Silla

Debut album, ‘Things I Chose To Remember’ out 10th July and lead single, ‘No Right To Love You’ is out now.

Oxfordshire-born artist Rhys Lewis has made a name for himself by releasing songs about heartbreak including ‘When Was The Last Time’, ‘Be Your Man’ and his most recent past track with Kygo, ‘Hurting’. He’s now gifted us with a heartfelt and candid song about breakups titled ‘No Right To Love You’.

“This song came out of the conflicting emotions I felt during a breakup that I went
through a few years ago. Ending a relationship with someone you still love is a strange thing to go through. As the person doing the breaking up, it’s confusing to feel both regretful and relieved at the same time. I wanted to articulate that tension and express how heavy the absence of someone can feel when you haven’t yet broken the habit of loving them.”

The song can be difficult for him to perform, “I suppose the song is a bit of a trigger for lots of memories and emotions of the breakup…every so often it really hits me again, and the emotion of the song comes flooding back. It’s like when you smell your ex-girlfriend’s perfume somewhere, and you get hit by a wave of nostalgia.”

The single is the lead release off his forthcoming album ‘Things I Choose Remember’ an aptly named title, as he chose to scrap his first attempt at recording his debut album after working on it for six months. On being given a second chance to record the first album, Lewis says:

“I recorded an album that was in a soulful and jazzy vein – but I stepped away from it as I felt like it wasn’t who I am. I’m glad I got a chance to learn and grow as an artist before putting together this debut offering; I wasn’t quite ready when the first opportunity came around. Still, I hope this second attempt at a first record is more of an authentic and creative piece of work.”



Charlie Gates
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