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GET TO KNOW:scott is okay

by Luke Pettican

scott is okay spellbinds with effervescent energy on ‘Nervous’.

We’re sure that self-evident irony of reading about an artist who chooses to maintain an artistic facade isn’t lost on you but scott is okay’s individualistic talents undoubtedly make him an artist that’s more than worth your time. This moniker has seemingly provided the talent artist with an escape to craft tracks crammed with enthralling instrumentation and thoroughly engaging lyricism.

Part of the engrossing nature of the production on ‘Nervous’ can be attributed to its exciting unexpectedness. The growing dominance of streaming services has led to an overwhelming avalanche of music that’s predictably repetitive, with any exciting element pushed to the front-end to draw in listeners on playlists. Thankfully, ‘Nervous’ feels like an antithesis to the kind of formulaic music that increasingly seems to be ever-present.

Speaking of the track, scott is okay shares, “Nervous is about an ongoing battle I have with tinnitus. Sometimes it’s under control, other times it creeps in and takes over. I thought making a song about it would make it feel less overwhelming, but in the end I guess it only made it feel more real.”

Although evidently born out of a very personal experience, the lyricism is unquestionably relatable to anyone who’s ever faced who’s experienced an feeling that’s ever-changing and unpredictable in nature. Although he tackles an ominous subject matter on ‘Nervous’, there’s a self-assured confidence to his vocal delivery that’s beguiling.

Perhaps unsurprisingly scott is okay performs, produces, and mixes everything himself. Even just one listen to ‘Nervous’ makes it clear that scott is okay is an artist with a distinctively unique vision. There’s an undercurrent of fierce determination within the track, making it feel as though crafting ‘Nervous’ was a cathartic experience for the artist.

Just within his four track discography there’s an incredible amount of sonic diversity and you’d be a fool to question scott is okay’s talent. It’s clear the future is bright for this extraordinary artist who seems set on pushing his own lyrical and sonic boundaries with every successive release.

Press play on scott is okay’s new single ‘Nervous’ below now. 

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