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In the run-up to her debut EP, Glowe is releasing her second track 'Daughter', as a tribute to all the great women.

Georgia Lowe, AKA Glowe, is releasing the titular track of her upcoming EP Daughter, which is a shout out to the ladies. An assertive record with punchy beats and a catchy chorus. Without wanting to minimise the message at all, this track is the perfect girl-power anthem. She told tmrw that “the word ‘Daughter’ has always stood out to me as being a strong, powerful and beautiful word. We belong to a community. We are the daughters of thousands of generations of females who fought and died for our rights to be the women we are today.”

Listening to this track for the first time, I felt an affinity with it straight away, her bubbly spirit comes through with an inspiring vigour. An R&B style backbone with the light melody, along with the thoughtful yet poppy lyrics, makes for easy listening. 

“(She) wants to continue to inspire other women, younger girls and maybe one day my own children to be brave, powerful and fearless in anything you do. Pushing negative stereotypes underground and bringing yourself and the women around to greatness. To do any less than this is an insult to those who do not have the same opportunities and freedom.”

If you need a shot of energy or stimulation during lockdown, put this song on and turn it up to full volume, you won’t regret it!


Words by Tori Sharp

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