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GREAT NEWS’ ‘GREEDY LITTLE THING’A lesson in contentment

by Malvika Padin

Describing themselves as "three pretty chill dudes," Norwegian outfit Great News teases the impactful aural language of their forthcoming LP with a new single.

Norwegian daze-pop trio Great News has shared the soulful and alluring “Greedy Little Thing,” the first single off their sophomore LP Now and Them due for release in April 2020.

Speaking in detail about the inspiration behind the message-laden track, lead vocalist and guitarist Even Kjelby says, “It really came out of nowhere actually. We were keen on trying to bring back some good old rock ‘n’ roll but ended up with a more Britpop expression. The song is about how people need to stop getting new shit all the time and to be content with what you’ve got in your life. I’m in a period of anti-consumerism, so I shame myself every time I buy something new! Anyhow, the moral of the story is that if we don’t chill out with our aggressive consumerism the world is going to be a pretty boring place in the future.”

“It’s mostly a critique of people in the West, Norway in particular,” Kjelby continues. “Norway is a rich country and the boomer generation got all of that economic growth on a silver platter. Sure they had to work for it, but people today need to adjust their expectations for how much they need to own before becoming successful by ‘boomer standards.’ You don’t need two cars if your neighbour doesn’t. Rather, we should spread the wealth and use it to help those who need it.”

While lyrically inspired by their own personal experiences—in Even’s case “his love life or lack of it,” and his relationship with his bandmates Ole and Lars without whom “there wouldn’t be any Great News”—and sonically delivering “a rich, warmer and classic sound combined with a lot more minimalistic,” the single is both anthemic and assertive in its alt-garage-rock stylings.

In their assertions of materialism, minimalism and finding happiness, the trio’s overall message for their fans remains raw and honest, as Even explains, “Always be yourself. Keep it real. Don’t try to be something you aren’t.”

On the topic of fans and the precious moments of music-making spent to give them the best, Even says, “Giving our fans more material to listen to and sharing how I feel, what I think, and hopefully helping find something to relate to is the best part of making music.”

He adds, “It’s also a good feeling of letting all the work go and giving it to the world so we can start producing new music.”

The important place that fans hold in the lives of Great News is once again reflected in Even’s answer about their career highlights and future plans. “We love touring so every tour outside of Norway we see as an absolute win,” he says. “So touring is not only our most treasured memory as a band but also our goal for the future. We’re hoping we’ll be able to go to the U.S. and South America soon.”

Adding on that their bucket list mainly consists of “playing Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Roskilde,” the band are now focused on what they call their “biggest move yet.”

“Releasing our sophomore album and releasing more music for our dear fans around the world whom we love so dearly is what we’re working on now, and beyond,” Even says.

Having struggled to break through and find their place in the music industry, Great News are now finally on the path to changing both musical soundscapes and cultural landscapes around the world.

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