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HYPER LINE from AESPA:The metaverse meets reality

by HQ

The Korean power group performed their first-ever live metaverse concert.

When you think of the metaverse, you think of obscure formulas, virtual reality glasses and maybe NFTs. What you might not think of is live music, but the K-pop band aespa wants you to rethink. This week they played their first-ever live metaverse concert to audiences in 79 countries worldwide. They also invited their digital avatars to join them on stage. Together, they danced in sync with their human counterparts.

The show, SYNK: HYPER LINE, lasted two and a half hours and was jam-packed with fireworks, lasers, and stage lifts. Besides their iconic hits like Girls, Savage or Next Level, they also played 11 unreleased songs from their highly anticipated debut album, which will hit the record shelves and streaming services in April.

This inaugural gig has been everything the fans dreamed of and more. Hands up if you’re excited about the debut album.

Nina Maria
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