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In conversationwith Sunny Daze

by Maja Bebber

Singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress, Sunny Daze, is rapidly taking the entertainment industry by storm and she’s here to stay.

Up-and-coming multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter, Sunny Daze. At just 19 years young, Sunny’s edgy vocals paired with bold lyricism and fearless style choices are making quite the impression. Her fanbase is swiftly growing with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 2.9 million+ on Tik Tok. Following the release of her first singles “No You Don’t” on January 10th and “Last Night” on February 7th, Sunny’s debut EP will be released this spring.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Sunny has been a natural performer since the age of 10, honing her craft over the years to deliver dynamic, stand-out performances alongside her sweet and smooth tone. Her music seamlessly blends R&B with urban pop in irresistibly catchy melodies and conversational lyrics. Apart from her ability to captivate audiences musically, Sunny effortlessly turns heads and keeps people’s attention with her playful personality and fierce style, taking inspiration from a wide range of fashion icons including Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. Her fanbase is growing rapidly, with over 2.9 million followers and 81 million+ likes on TikTok, 1.1 million followers on Instagram, and 90K YouTube subscribers. Since releasing her first two singles from her upcoming EP in early 2024, “No You Don’t” and “Last Night,” Sunny has been on the grind and living in Los Angeles, ready to make her mark and prove that she’s a rising artist to watch.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how did your journey as a singer begin?
I have always had a natural love for entertaining people and music is the only form of expression I have ever used for myself. My journey began very young and I knew at a very early age what I wanted to do. At the age of ten, I started performing locally around Dallas at malls, in parking lots, and on stage in front of the library at our Texas State Fair.

Can you tell us about your musical influences and how they have shaped your style?
Some of my biggest musical influences in my career are Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Michael was the first artist I remember being introduced to at a young age and Elvis as well. I have always wanted to be the best at anything and everything that I have done, and I have always viewed them as the best. They inspire how I want to entertain and perform.

What is your process like when it comes to writing songs?
Everything I write is either about my perception of a situation in my life or what I’m going through. I’m not big on being open with my feelings, but when I’m at the studio, all of my emotions pour out of me. It’s almost like I’m writing in a diary.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from myself. I tend to look at my life with a birds-eye view and talk about what this girl is going through or what she’s experiencing in life.

How do you approach collaboration with other musicians or songwriters?

I haven’t collaborated with anyone outside of my team for now. I’m ge ting into my music, focusing on my sound, and introducing the world to Sunny first.

Can you share any memorable experiences?
One that always comes to mind for me is when I was ten years old and I performed at a marathon event in front of 3000+ people, which was by far the biggest crowd I had performed for at the time… The laptop that was playing my music fell off the stage and I had to perform the rest of my set with no music and the crowd sang along with me.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

I hope the people who listen to my music will appreciate the true perspective I give on life. I want to set a good example for others and not only inspire the people that listen to my songs, but also for those people to want to inspire everyone around them.

Is there a particular message or emotion you aim to convey?
I want people to spread love and kindness to others. I also want to be somebody who people can look up to. I want to inspire people to feel confident in themselves and know they can pursue whatever they want in life.

How do you balance staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to industry trends?
I always stay true to myself, especially when it comes to my music. I feel the best music is what is the most honest. Of course there’s times I might touch on things people have said and elaborate on it, but for the most part I just speak my truth.

Can you share any challenges you’ve faced in your music career and how you’ve overcome them?
The biggest challenge I’ve faced and I’m still facing is people not taking me seriously. No matter how hard I have worked or over worked somebody, it seems that there are people who want to take advantage of my perception of myself. Like because I’m a young female with an attractive appearance, there’s others out there who want me to feel incapable. It’s hard and I never really talk about it. I used to take it personally, but now I’ve learned to accept it and use it to my advantage.

What has been the most rewarding moment of your musical journey so far?
The most rewarding part of my journey so far is the feedback I’ve received from the people who listen to my music telling me how much they appreciate it. It reassures me that I’m doing this for all the right reasons.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about?
I have an endless amount of projects coming up including new music, shows, fashion, etc. I’m looking forward to this year and all that comes with it!

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are just starting out in the industry?
First and foremost I always say, stand up for what you believe in. Even if people don’t agree, they will always respect you. Secondly, you have to have self-discipline and that comes with sacrificing some of your time and your life. You have to be able to give up any and everything for your dream even if it
hasn’t fully come to fruition.

Keep a a look out for Sunny’s upcoming single “City” which will be released very soon.

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