This time three years ago, Moss and Pearkes happened to meet at a local jam night. As fate would have it, they ended up playing and singing each other's songs on the fly. After that, they went into the studio together and have been attached musically ever since.

VŌS  means “you” in Latin, but the two members of London-based R&B and pop duo VŌS, Dawn Moss and Robin Pearkes’, can’t quite agree on what it means when applied to them. Moss likes to think of it as “do you,” while Pearkes finds that definition “fully cringe.” “Though it does fit the fact that we like to not play by the rules when it comes to the music and doing their our own thing,” they agree.

Their newest offering is a single titled “Serious,” and it solidifies the duo as one to be taken seriously in 2019. VŌS worked alongside Matt Colton (known for working with Flume and James Blake) and Julian Kindred (known for working with Ellie Goulding) to bring the song to life. The beat is very measured and soothing with an underlying seductive quality. The lyrics complement with the uncertain subject matter: having to decide on whether to commit to something — giving into that seduction — without any guarantees.

“More than the lyrics being about an anxious subject matter, it’s more of that exciting feeling when you first meet someone and want it to keep going,” Moss says of the song’s narrative. “But you also have that alarm in the back of your head that they may be a little dangerous.”

That enticing uncertainty plays out onscreen. Moss starts by singing, seated in a chair all alone, “Meet me outside / Take me downstairs where the mood’s right.” As the beat pulsates, the visuals cut in and out to match. Soon, Moss is accompanied by her love — or lust? — interest. “Do you wanna get serious?” she asks in the chorus. “I can feel this good forever.”

At several points throughout the video, a group of people appears seated in the room. While each individual face doesn’t have a distinct role in the song’s story, their collective presence certainly does.

“The concept behind everyone in the video is to create a visual metaphor of that feeling when even though you’re in a room full of people, the person you’re with makes you feel like you’re the only two in there,” Moss explains. “That’s why as soon as (two people) touch, everyone else disappears.”

“Serious” was born in the same organic manner as VŌS came to be. While in a local music shop, the idea was born. Luckily, the duo already had a session scheduled to begin 10 minutes later. The song is about “that feeling you get when you first meet someone that you don’t want to fade away,” as Moss puts it, so it’s only right that the song was captured in the same manner.

Moss and Pearkes have already seen their career progress because of “Serious.” Earlier this year, the two were invited to record at legendary Abbey Road — specifically Studio Two, which has been open since 1932 and home to the likes of The Beatles, Adele, The 1975 and many more top-tier artists. While there, VŌS recorded an acoustic version of “Serious” and calls it a “big tick on the bucket list.”

The new year is ripe for VŌS to tick more off of their bucket list. They’re looking forward to releasing new singles and seeing “where that takes us,” which, if “Serious” took them to Abbey Road, the odds seem to be in their favour.

On top of that, VŌS wants to invite their London friends and fans to see them at the following dates:

8th January @ The Finsbury
25th February @ The Ned
28th February @ 229
21st March @ Hope and Anchor

Watch their “Serious” music video for the first time below.

Words by Megan Armstrong

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