Rising Nigerian artist AYLØ is premiering his single titled 'Paris' with tmrw to provide a glimpse into his upcoming project.

“Paris! is a song that, just like everything else in the project, is meant to be consumed in whole”-  he says. -“It’s a piece of a shattered mirror. Just because you hold a small shattered piece and see a reflection doesn’t mean you’re holding the whole truth.” That said, the introduction Paris provides is a vivid one in its own right, born from a poignant experience in AYLØ’s personal life.

Paris is about finding beauty in everything. Beauty is in our damage and in our stories. Paradise is what you make it. ‘Paris’ is the subject’s favourite city, so hence the concept of. Beauty, if in, is out, and as above, so below. Me never having being to Paris, it wouldn’t matter because I’ve found paradise in Lagos… Right now, in this (that) moment.

The track showcases AYLØ’s ability to capture fleeting feelings all over the spectrum. The slow-paced, alluring beat emits seduction, but it’s layered by his echoing voice giving off a message of longing. While AYLØ has a grip on widespread emotion, he does not claim to be the definitive sound of his native Nigeria. “There are too many sides to Nigeria,”-  he says – “I haven’t really left my room in the last five months. I don’t go online much. I don’t care to see what everyone is doing. Nigeria made me who I am.”

Aylø is deliberate. He makes it clear that he is one with his music, but his music is not for him to label. “If you ask me [to describe my music] twice, I’m not gonna answer it the same way,” he states. “It’s distracting to think of my music that way. I rather have someone else answer that from their own opinion and come up with their own context. If it’s in your ear and you’re listening, that’s what matters.”

Listen to Paris! for the first time below.

Words by Megan Armstrong

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