brad Stank

Recording out of his bedroom, whilst studying Music at university in Liverpool, Brad Stank birthed what he describes as 'Sexistential Pop', capturing his feelings on sex, loneliness, and philosophy.

Following a couple of singles, including a 7” released through Untitled Recs just under a year ago, Brad drops “Eternal Slowdown” in the final days of 2018. This EP is full of laid back tunes touching on themes of romance, desire, and drugs. Upon listening to the EP, you’re immediately hit with and Brad’s harmonised croons followed by smooth bluesy guitar chords. The warmth on ‘Eternal Slowdown’ is apparent throughout, and Brad’s deep, mellow vocals, coupled with his smooth guitar playing keep you in a daze for most of the EP.

He describes his music as “a bit of self-discovery”, “without sounding too pretentious”, which is understandable when reading between the lines of his exaggerated personality. “It’s nice to have a little alter ego in a way” he says. Brad has been writing music since he was 16 but had only started playing shows since his move to uni. When describing the music scene in Liverpool, Brad says: “It doesn’t really matter what genre it is. Everyone’s quite supportive of each other”. This inevitably had an influence on the music he writes, creating his own sound, without having a definitive genre. Being heavily influenced by “Indy, Grungy stuff” in his teen years, Brad now writes music inspired by his broad music taste and that the EP is a “big conglomeration of everything that I’ve been heavily in to”.

The project really started to gain traction after a fan uploaded Brad’s single ‘Flirting In Space’ to their YouTube channel, which had a fairly large following. “I checked my SoundCloud one day and it like, tells you how many plays you’ve have the last 24 hours and it was like, at 500 and before it had only ever been at like, 20 max or something, so I was like “What’s happened?!” Brad says, followed by how they “basically started my whole career”

Brad doesn’t take himself too seriously, like on the track ‘Condemned To Be Freaky’, with it’s playfully sexy, parody-style music video. It features brad swaying rooftop, donned in a robe and chains, swinging a sunflower alongside a group of female dancers. He keeps his audience hooked through his silky guitar playing coupled with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, which is something further displayed on tracks like ‘Pond Weed’. On this track, Brad talks about the downsides of marijuana use, though through a mellow, stoner sound. “Everyone’s always tagging [me] in Instagram stories like smoking a big joint to the song, but really, it’s like an anti-weed song [laughs]”.

If you’ve listened to Brad’s mix for NTS radio back in August of last year, then you’ve heard his love for early R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. Spinning tracks from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Sun Ra, Nina Simone, and Slick Rick to name a few. When asked about the influence of these artists, Brad mentions getting “completely obsessed” with Sun Ra after reading his biography. “I’d say he’s definitely [an influence], I guess. He’s not really influenced the music, but he’s just a fucking madman”. Creativity and the DIY work ethic when creating art is important to Brad. When discussing new music, he mentions Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Some Rap Songs’, saying he’d listened to the release “probably 30 times already” making note of earl’s elusiveness, only to emerge sometime later with an album that appears untouched by current trends “ he’s not really trying to push himself, but he just relies on the music to kind of do the talking for him”. Another artist with a similar trait is Conman Mockasin, whom brad says is a “huge influence”.

For the year ahead, Brad wants to focus on making the music the best he can, for himself, before anyone else. Live shows are also on the cards. With Brad having mainly played in Liverpool and London, he hopes to play more of the UK in 2019, whilst having the dream to play Europe someday too.

Brad’s EP “Eternal Slowdown” is out now on Untitled Recs

Words by Tom Fry

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