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Introducing:George Pelham

by Laura Stupple

What a time to be alive.

If you want something uplifting and exciting to listen to this summer, then you need to discover George Pelham. His new track What A Time To Be Alive is out today and offers a gorgeously fun sound that was recorded at Brighton’s Small Pond Studios. Led by George’s soulful vocals, the track combines witty lyricism and a catchy chorus, making him one to watch this summer.

We love this single for it’s boppy, fun and youthful energy. There’s a joyful feel to his music that will have you smiling from ear to ear. What A Time To Be Alive embodies the playful side of falling in love – summers amongst the grass, a cider or two in the sun and that spiralling, sweet feeling of first falling for someone.

If you’re ready to feel young and carefree, this is the track for you. It perfectly encapsulates the spiral of excitement and energy that we’ve all felt when you meet someone, and it just clicks. You can feel the butterflies fluttering in your tummy as you listen to this track.

We chatted to George about the inspiration for his debut single and he said that he wanted it to feel excitable and celebratory, with a music video to match. “I wrote this song about falling in love, and I wanted the music to reflect the excitement of that. The seaside seemed to be the right setting for the video, so we just went around Southend for a day trying to film as much as we could before someone stopped us – stealth-music video making all the way!”

When you listen to the new single you’ll probably be like “where has this kid been?!” and the honest answer is trying to make it on the live circuit scene over the last couple of years. George has played 100s of gigs across the country taking any shows he could get his hands on.

Although this is his debut single, he’s played gigs that have varied from a 4 month residency at London’s legendary Ronnie Scott’s to supporting Rizzle Kicks at Thorpe Park. Pelham has been honing his art and has built a nice little following. He’s played festivals including Great Escape and Latitude, as well as a wide range of venues including Mahiki, Alexandra Palace, Soho Farmhouse and the jazz bar at the Pizza Express, Dean Street.

You may have also seen George on Youtube, where he’s posted a lot of music in the past. Scouts quickly discovered him from the X Factor and The Voice, who wanted him to appear on the show. George swiftly declined which we have massive respect for.

His art is authentic, and you can hear that he has protected it – choosing to explore his creative vision instead.


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