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Isac ElliotIs Making Waves

by Laura Stupple

Boyish charm meets signature style.

This week we’ve been listening to Isac Elliot, the 18-year-old Finish artist who is making waves across the European music scene. Universal Germany have recently taken Isac under their wing as he gears up to release his new music. 

Catchy lyrics and a signature cascading rhythm make his new single a sure favourite. Although he may be young, Isac is an all-rounder having mastered singing, songwriting, dancing and acting from a young age. His most well known single is “New Way Home” which was released in 2013 when he was just 12. As he’s grown up his music has too and now he’s presenting a new side of his artistry which is encapsulated in his latest video.

His unique look is full of boyish charm and he’s sure to be turning a few heads across the continent in his latest video. You can tell that Isac has an interest in fashion, and likes to make statements with his experimental clothes. Don’t be fooled by his cool exterior though, he has a cheeky personality and is known for joking around. His playful antics have seen him become somewhat of a TikTok sensation and his Instagram following is pretty strong too. 

His ability to create interesting content has allowed him to build a global following who absolutely adore him and have supported him every step of the way. Although you may not have heard of Isac Elliot (yet!) he’s already a popular artist with over one million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Isac is representing the Finish music scene, which has lots of upcoming artists and producers who are making their mark. He’s written and produced music in Finish, however, his latest single is in English. His latest track definitely has some European influence, however it tucks nicely into the mainstream category that will appeal to young people because of its cool sound.

Get stuck into Isac’s latest single and watch the video here:

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