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by Tori Sharp

A reassuring message with an uplifting melody, the latest release from Charlotte Jane has us smiling just a little bit more than usual.

Born into the bizz, Charlotte Jane has always had music on the brain and in her peripherals, and after a few years of open mic nights and small gigs, she is now onto her second EP. Her voice has power and vigour whilst simultaneously feeling intimate and familiar: this release of ‘Down Days’ feels just like a friend who will pick you up when you are feeling low. It really is just what we need at the moment, so fulfil your Charlotte Jane fix and read on to hear about the journey that led to this vibrant new song.

Congratulations on the new track! How are you feeling about the release?

Thank you! I really have no idea what to expect which is quite a strange feeling. This is the first time I’m releasing a song that I’ve never played at a show before, so I really don’t know how people are going to respond. There’s something about releasing music during the pandemic that feels a bit like you’re throwing a song out into the abyss haha, so who knows what will happen.

The theme of Down Days certainly feels relevant and will resonate with a lot of people at the moment. Was it written during this weird year that we have been having? 

It actually wasn’t. I wrote it about 6 months before the pandemic, but it really has taken on a whole new level of realness now! I wish I’d had this song to listen to when I was a teenager and struggling to contend with my own mind.

I like the juxtaposition of a song about down days and the upbeat melody. What do you tend to do when you have a down day? Do you listen to upbeat/cheery music to lift your spirits?

It really depends. Sometimes I’ll try and lift myself out of a slump by exercising, reaching out to someone who I know will cheer me up or listening to/watching something happy. But honestly, most times I just let myself feel it and have a good cry. I’ll even encourage the tears by watching sad things or listening to sad music. That way I feel like I’m moving through it rather than brushing it under the carpet!

I understand that Lewis Capaldi referred to you as “one of the biggest fucking things in the world” – that is quite a statement! How did it feel to hear this?

He said he thought I was going to be in the future, which was a lovely vote of confidence from someone who’s just dominated the charts for ages! It’s a great feeling to have people whom you admire expressing their belief in you as I think a lot of artists spend the majority of their time being really hard on themselves and worrying about whether things will work out.

It must be so exciting to hear yourself be named as a ‘One to Watch’, but does this excitement come with pressure as well?

It’s mega exciting!! Maybe a little bit, yes, I’ve piled so much pressure on myself already though. Mainly because I’m desperate to get a dog and in order to be able to do that I need to make a lot more money than I am doing right now and I need to be able to afford a house with a decent size garden for it to run around in.

Have you always known that you would want to pursue music as a career? Does your passion stem from watching your grandparents perform when you were younger?

They definitely played a huge part in fuelling my love for music, but I think I’d have wanted to do this as a career regardless. Growing up, acting and dance were close contenders for me in terms of which one I’d choose as a career, but music was consistently the thing at the forefront.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects and what you are looking forward to in 2021?

I’ve got more music on the way reeeaaal soon, in the form of an EP. People won’t have to wait very long for that at all. And best believe I won’t be stopping at that. This year will be full of new music that I’m so excited to share. I’m buzzing for people to see all of the visuals and to keep pushing myself in that department. I’ve been doing a lot of it myself and having that level of control has been liberating.

Press play on Charlotte Jane’s new video for ‘Down Days’, premiering 19th Feb at 7pm on YouTube.

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