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Jimothy Lacosteshares 'Benz'

by George Ellerby

Camden Town's very own Jimothy Lacoste gives his fans a gift in the form of loose track, 'Benz'.

With a previous selection of singles including ‘Subway System’, ‘I Can Speak Spanish’, and his breakthrough single, ‘Getting Busy!’, Jimothy Lacoste – now stylising himself as ‘Jimothy’ – has garnered the attention of the UK’s youth. With music production that sounds like a cross between a keyboard demo button and royalty-free Garageband loops, Jimothy’s array of tongue-in-cheek cuts are steeped in irony and are delivered with a flat, deadpan delivery. Pastiche takes on music culture, alongside derisive comments on Londoner stereotypes, form a great deal of his lyrical content, while Jimothy himself comically flexes his smart casual – but ever so importantly designer – wardrobe.

Jimothy’s success hasn’t been without having had scrapes with authorities, although admittedly that authority only takes the form of Transport for London. After releasing ‘Subway System’, a passionate blazon about the London Underground, Jimothy shared an accompanying music video. With several sweeping shots of Jimothy jigging in the snow, the singer commits several TfL offences throughout the video. As well as the more minor crimes such as hanging off handrails and cycling through a station, Jimothy is captured dancing on the partition between two escalators, seemingly breaks into the driver’s cabin of a train, and runs naked down the stairs of a Piccadilly line station.

After TfL issued a request to have the video taken down, Jimothy cheekily had the authority’s email copied into video format to replace the removed ‘Subway System’ video and printed a series of tee shirts with the email emblazoned on it.

Jimothy’s latest single ‘Benz’ opens with a comically loud and compressed sub-bass paired with a couple of swooning synthesisers. After a brief musical introduction, Jimothy begins with a flat and seedy delivery, proclaiming that “I don’t need no friends, friends, friends, driving in my Benz, Benz, Benz”. Jimothy continues, playing with several stereotypes of rap lyrics; mockingly bragging about his supposed material wealth, while also echoing some of the vapid lines of advice often found self-help or influencer social media accounts. The track and video are both hilarious and furthers much of the work that we’ve already seen from Jimothy in his previous records.

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