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by James Cattermole

Joel Baker returns with a fresh cut packed to the brim with hope, written in the darkest of storms.

Nottingham-bred singer-songwriter Joel Baker kicks off the New Year with exuberant new single ‘Good Things’, released via yada yada. Serving as the follow-up to his devastatingly beautiful single ‘Part Of Me’, ‘Good Things’ serves as a shining testament to Baker’s sonic and lyrical diversity.

With the last year proving to be a nightmare for many, Baker’s latest release aims to serve as a refreshing antidote to the doom and gloom. Bursting with radiant positivity, Baker’s soulful voice and jubilant production coalesce to provide an all-consuming aura of calm. Despite its upbeat nature, the track also subtly nods towards the fact that the good times are often preceded by some of the hardest and most arduous moments you’ll ever face.

 Speaking on ‘Good Things’, Joel shared:

“I wrote Good Things during a very difficult period in my life; everything that could be going wrong was. The day I wrote it my brother called telling me he was going to be a Dad. This wonderful news was an olive branch for our family in heart-wrenching times. It was that news that gave me the strength to write Good Things. I’m a big believer that the deepest joy is preceded by the deepest sorrow, my wish is that this song may give someone the strength to pump up the air bed of hope in 2021.”

Arguably what makes him such an intriguing artist is his approach to tackling the emotional complexities of situations and emotions that others in his field might shy away from. His lyrical frankness and ingenuity have led to him becoming a member of the Ivor Academy Songwriter Committee, where he’s currently working to develop a mental health program. 

Joel is currently working on his debut album, which he is crowdfunding via his own Patreon club ‘The Bakery’.

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