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Jordan Stephensis up in space

by Eliza Frost

Jordan Stephens explores numbness, relationships and mental health struggles in latest single ‘Found in Space’.

Speaking about the new track, Jordan said: “I find relationships and love really fucking difficult. It’s tough explaining to someone you love that you don’t want them to be around all the time. This is me trying to make sense of that.”

The highly anticipated new single is an intimate affair, switching seamlessly between half-rapped and sung lyrics with a sparse instrumental that speaks volumes. It also speaks volumes of Jordan’s journey of self-discovery. The knowledge and understanding he is bringing to this project creates that feeling of being on edge – but in the best way possible.

‘Found in Space’ faces issues with relationships and mental health. In Jordan’s latest, he opens up about feeling numb to his struggles: “I feel like a zombie / I feel numb inside / so I tell you this is why I / struggle with my mind / let me get my mind right / there are times you ask me why you feel as though I’m out of faith / and I say plenty of love is found in space / let’s find our way.”

‘Sometimes humorous and sometimes sad’ – Jordan’s anticipated work is a collection of his own experiences. Jordan is embarking on a project that is him, unashamedly and brilliantly him.

‘Found in Space’ is just the first taste of what’s to come. And it’s been delicious.


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