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by Malvika Padin

Rising R&B star Kaash Paige is a viral sensation rooted in honest and passionate music, and her latest single proves that.

Dallas-born Kaash Paige returns with her woozy-sounding R&B music in “Heartbreaker,” proving once again that she’s a star in the making still grounded in sincerity and uniqueness.

Beginning her career after achieving roaring success on SoundCloud and Tiktok, with her music on both platforms attracting thousands of fans, the 19-year-old Texas native’s new sultry single  and accompanying music video showcase her ability to pull listeners with her organic sound.

With a sound that’s now reminiscent of artists like SZA and Kehlani, Kaash’s prime influence remains her father whose profession as an engineer and the production equipment he used as part of his work encouraged her hobby of making music while she was still a student until it grew into her now flourishing career.

Building on the buzz of her previous releaseLove Songs” and her debut project Parked Car Convos last November, the latest single is a well-made, repeat-worthy mix of pop and R&B. More importantly, it’s a step forward in Kaash’s undeniable rise to stardom.

Photo by Rowmel F.

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