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Korean-American artist AUDREYreleases 'Time'

by Laura Stupple

There’s no doubt that Korean-American rapper and singer AUDREY is the next big thing on the music scene. Her unique fusion sound captures the essence of the modern human navigating an urban landscape.

In a way, it shouldn’t be a surprise that her music sounds so fresh, different and downright ballsy. The New York-based 19 year old recently made the decision to take a year out of the highly esteemed Clive Davis Music Institute to pursue her music, so she knows a thing or two about being bold. She presented her parents with a powerpoint presentation on why she should be able to leave school, they said yes, and to be honest, the decision looks to be paying off.

Following the success of her recent single “Souffle,” AUDREY is set to release her latest single “Time” on August 9th with an accompanying visual. As a young Asian-American woman in the Pop and R&B scene, AUDREY is experimenting with Korean sounds on her latest track and offers a fruitful combination of Korean influence and American trap sounds.

The collision of musical genres is at times hectic and culturally explosive, and yet it sounds kind of homely too. With a heavy bassline and smart lyrics, her work offers a unique sound that has the potential to shake up the current status quo and break barriers within the music industry.

"No one who looks like her has properly ‘made it’ in the American music world"

Everything from the beat to the visuals on her new track offers an incredible fusion of cultural influence, which is unique and different. In the video, you see AUDREY walking down the street in heavy set boots, and streetwear, a kind of armour against a world that she acknowledges has difficulty placing her. She’s previously opened up about the exciting but tragic fact that no one who looks like her has properly ‘made it’ in the American music world. However, we reckon she could be set to change that with her artistry.

As she walks across the street, over motorway bridges and through busy urban landscapes, it brings home the fact that her sound walks the line between being Korean and American. The video follows Audrey on a journey through the grimy streets of Hollywood, having different interactions with would-be’s and faded stars. It is a dreamlike and abstract depiction of the ‘fake it till you make it’ mindset, one which AUDREY won’t need to have any sympathy for any longer.

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