Kwassa – ‘FKA. KYKO’
Track by Track

Scott Verrill - aka kwassa - is something of a zeitgeist artist, youthfully hopping between inspirations from contemporary Pop to lilting R&B. 

kwassa has been making music for as long as he can remember, previously operating under the name KYKO, he quickly found a wider audience that resonated with his touching melodies, resulting in him selling out London venue Omeara. Flash forward to 2019, KYKO becomes ‘kwassa’ and holds 18 million streams to date, all the while getting championed by the likes of Radio 1, Clara Amfo and BBC Introducing.

New EP ‘fka kyko’ conveys the world of kwassa in one concise Pop bubble, featuring recent fan favourites ‘moonwalking’ and ‘sad songs’, as well as two brand new tracks ‘woozy’ and ‘better’. kwassa titled the EP ‘fka kyko’ because he wanted to make it really clear that his name change is more of an evolution than a departure from when he released under KYKO. Here on tmrw, he joins us to present the inner workings of the tracks that form this woozy new EP.


“Writing this track was the first time I realized you can pen personal lyrics about a relationship and still mould it into a banging Pop tune, without it coming out like a sad singer songwriter. It’s probably the most simple musically, most likely because Tim Woodock (other writer) and I just wrote it on a piano and didn’t have a single thought on production till after. Lostboy’s production on this really bought it to life IMO.”

sad songs

“This is definitely my favourite on the EP. As a song it’s pretty much the sound I hear in my head when I picture how I want my music to sound. In a way it’s probably the most poppy but it was inspired by a lot of wonky production and beats that me and Fyfe (writer) bonded over.

The first demo of this started off really wonky and guitar heavy and gradually we reigned it in over the mixes so it made a bit more sense to everyone else’s ears. Lyrically too, it’s the closest to my older releases – a big part of what I write about it feeling young and trying to convey a feeling of nostalgia.”


“This whole track is based around this Salsa-ish guitar loop I came up with as a joke, but now it runs the same throughout the whole tune and holds it together. ‘woozy’ is really just chance for me to release something fun and really far out compared to what I’ve done before. It’s not to be taken too seriously cos that’s not how we made it.”

“I feel like a lot of the time on some of my favourite albums, my favourite is the wildcard – so that’s where I see it sitting on this EP. lyrically it’s pretty self-explanatory…”


“The main reason I collaborate on writing is to get things from other people who make things differently to me – I made this tune with a duo called One Bit, who release electronic tunes, so it was the perfect collab to make something more dancey for the EP. Lyrically the whole EP is about growing up and finding what works for me – ‘better’ summarises that pretty well, it’s simply about how things that suck on your own feel way better with someone else sometimes.”

Words by James Cattermole

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