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‘If it ain’t a soul, it ain’t a whole’
Meet Kyle Dion

Proudly independent and in full control of his creative vision, for his debut studio album – SUGA – Kyle Dion cordially invites you to an entire world he has created.

“With age, going through life, you can see how you could have handled things differently at 19 and 24. It’s only five years, but it is a very important time in men’s lives.” – Kyle speaks on his personal growth since his mixtape ‘Sixes & Sevens’ and his debut full length – “It’s a crazy mental jump. “You have to grow up, and figure out what you need to do.”

Mr. Dion’s smooth falsetto is indeed capable of brightening even the greyest of days. Since the release of his 2016 EP ‘Painting with Sounds’, we have been slowly getting acquainted with Florida-bred, LA-based crooner and how he has been slowly unveiling himself to the world.

In conversation, he shared how he’s been fully dedicated to honing his craft, harnessing varied life experiences in the process. Whether it is by actively collaborating with other creatives and sharing the stage with other vanguardists such as PartynextDoor, Kehlani, Ella Mai and Khalid, Kyle’s finding new facets of himself on the daily.

“We brought along some cool creatives on board, and I finally collabed with some different writers. I never co-wrote anything before. I’ve been working on this project for a year and a half with Mars Today.” – he proceeds – “Some people appreciate it, some won’t, whatever. It’s a story, it’s music, but it always has to be something bigger and I want to project that. A world.”

In a fast-paced world, Dion understands the magic that can happen when you don’t have to rush. Out today, ‘SUGA’ is a conceptional album that chronicles the rise and demise of a semi-fictional rock star. Unifying different creative perspectives over 40 minutes of funk-tinged genre-blending R&B, this project’s impeccable musicianship encapsulates Dion’s versatility and his maturation as an artist.

“Suga is the main character, and there’s one called Brown and there is a character called White, and they are in a triangular relationship basically. Brown is more kept to herself, more innocent. White is that super loud rock star, she’s wild, she’s fun.”

As soon as you press play the story begins to come alive in your ears. The first part of the record it’s up, fun and sassy. You can hear the protagonist’s lust-fuelled chronicles on records such as ‘Spend it’, and ‘Not all the way’, as they hastily pave the way to the heights of career, ‘pink bubblin looking at the view, white robe and a chain or two’, on ‘Cherry Blossom’.

“Fly little bird”, however, hints the transition to the second part of the album. Haunted by his thoughts, he’ll find himself in the ‘Glass House’. Produced Mars Today, J-Robb (Soulection), & Quickly, Quickly, Kyle narrates how his demons gaining strength and pulling him ever downward.

Crowning the project is ‘69 Camaro’, a eulogy for a part of him lost in the process, and also Kyle’s first ballad. Baffled by his own thoughts, you can hear the full circle of his ego-shedding voyage on ‘Teach Me’, and ‘No Strings’, concluding on the lesson learned in the process and final track [there are] ‘Something’s We Can’t Do’.

You can stream SUGA, below.

Words by Catarina Ramalho / Photography by Setor Tsikudo

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