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by Megan Armstrong

'Everspin' is meant to be blared while speeding down a wide-open freeway.

Leanne Tennant released her Maggie Rogers-esque single Thursday (Feb. 20) via LT Records.

The U.K.-born, Australian-based singer feels “stuck in the everspin,” and the lyrics are just metaphorical enough for that to mean whatever the listener needs it to.

The lyrics came after the end of an exhausting tour. One day, she sat down in Sydney’s Chinatown Mall with her headphones on. “I felt very still, deflated and happy at the same time,” Tennant tells tmrw over email, “watching the busy world spin by.”

She adds: “‘Everspin’ is about being stuck in a blur of activity yet you still appear to be standing still. It’s about putting in all your efforts to be seen and heard yet those efforts continue to go unnoticed. Stuck in the noise. It was inspired by how I was feeling at the time about the music industry and how difficult it is to earn a living as an artist.”

“Everspin” is quickly paced while remaining measured. Tennant has been labeled an alt-pop artist, and the folk-indie foundation is strong here. Her voice’s texture fills out softly thumping pockets. There’s even a subtle nod to Johnny Cash within the first minute: “And darling, it’s a circus / We’re here on time / So baby, come with me and walk the line.”

The track serves as a nice complement to Tennant’s single “Bring It All Back” from last September, which leans more rock-pop. The crux is the same as “Everspin,” though: Tennant’s pristine and pure voice.

“Everspin” serves as the third single from her forthcoming album.

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