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by Tori Sharp

During the search for her artistic compass, phem has found her sound with her latest single.

Speaking to phem about her upcoming music, it is clear that she is extremely self-aware and a conscious thinker, every phrase is steeped in considered sagacity. We discussed the role that creativity plays in her writing process, coming to terms with her sexuality through a catholic upbringing and her loyal cult-like fandom.

The new track ‘Self-Control’ looks at directing her distraction in a positive way. “This song was conceived during a time where I was completely consumed by temporary highs.” phem tells me, “I’m getting better at spotting these distractions now. They are easily available and give off a short-lived endorphin rush that ultimately leaves you feeling worse off than when you started.”  The discipline that phem possesses is clear and inspiring, telling me that “the ideas should come quick, and if they don’t, I move on.”

It is clear that this restraint has translated to confidence and a stellar attitude to self-love. “Showing up for myself and figuring out how to better manage my anxieties has instilled a deep-rooted confidence.” We speak briefly about how music has “subconsciously served as a form of therapy” for phem, especially when it comes to questions of sex and sexuality. Having grownup in a Catholic family and having any feelings of fluid sexuality “suppressed or wrapped in guilt”, for phem, making music now acts as a form of self-expression and allows her “to write about whatever the fuck [she] wants.”

The words of wisdom that phem gave throughout this interview are in ample supply, some of which she has taken from her fans, whom she describes as being “wise as fuck” and “the best fans in the world.” We shall leave you with this last erudite gem from phem: “When you take self-judgement out of the creative process, so many doors of inspiration open and you have the courage to try things that might not have been possible before. I do feel that out of all the darkness, great art will be born,and we will come out of this as better versions of ourselves.”

Press play on phem’s new track ‘Self Control’ below now. 

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