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by Tori Sharp

Gen-Z heartthrob and pop-punk revivalist Lil Huddy announces his debut album with a collab track to end all others.

It’s been brewing for a short while, whisperings of the resurgence, and rumours of the revival. Slowly but surely, our 2000s favourites are making their way back onto the airwaves and the sounds that hark back to an era of tartan skirts and spiked hair are fighting for their top spot again.

This most recent renaissance is, quite surprisingly, thanks to a Gen-Z star (and his older sister). We sat down with LILHUDDY, TikTok sensation and Hype House founder, to discuss his legendary collaboration with Iann Dior, Tyson Ritter, and Travis Barker.

“It’s all the same stuff that I grew up with. For me, I have a sister who was a high schooler when I was like 6 and 7 in elementary, and she would drive me to school and would play Avril, Paramore, Blink, All American Rejects. ‘Gives You Hell’ was her favourite song for like a year and then it became one of my favourite songs. It was one of the only songs they would play on the radio, with what my 6-year-old self thought was a cuss word. I was like ‘oh sick I can scream hell on the radio’, and that was cool to me as a kid. There were definitely some of the first people that got me into the genre.”

Despite his youth, (LILHUDDY whose real name is Chase Hudson was born in 2002 – queue millennial tears) he has a real appreciation for the artists of yore, as is clearly evident in a lot of his recent tracks. He tells us that it has felt like a privilege to work with some of the best artists from the pop-punk genre and hopefully introduce their music to the youth of today. “I think it’s really cool that I’ve been able to throw together something that might excite some people of this day and age but also excite some of the people who are missing some of the old school music they don’t get to hear that much.” He recalls hearing “so many people talking and saying, ‘Oh punk is coming back but where are all the artists that we used to listen to?’ You’ll see MGK do a collab with Kellin Quinn. I wanna be able to more collabs like this, so people can look back and think oh sick I love that he is collab-ing with this person cos I used to love them when I was a kid.”

The similarities don’t end with the collaborators either, as if you listen to ‘Don’t Freak Out’, you will hear a familiar tune. “Actually, they let us use the same melody as ‘Gives you Hell’, which is really cool cos that really was one of my favourite songs growing up”.

The upcoming album, set for release on the 17th of September, is going to follow the same reminiscent sound patterns, with the whole track list taking the shape of “scary-ish love story almost where it goes from love to shit but in like a cool way.” Hudson’s love life has caught the attention of many a tabloid and TikTok fan, as he used to date Charli D’Amelio. This album seeks to tell truths about their relationship and right any wrongs. “It is going to be basically one big long story, an authentic way of putting into words about how my love life has gone and it starts off pretty smooth, it starts off very lovey-dovey, beginning of the relationship vibes and then it gets into a place where it gets darker and colder. There’ll be more songs like ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’ where each song is a representation of a different part of the story.”

Having never worked on a collaboration track before, this song could be the start of even bigger things for LILHUDDY and equally, for the revival, resurgence, and renaissance of our favourite genre. So, thanks LILHUDDY for bringing back punk to the youth of today and introducing them to some of our childhood classics.

‘Don’t Freak Out’ Feat. Iann Dior, Tyson Ritter & Travis Barker is out now. LILHUDDY’s debut album Teenage Heartbreak will drop September 17th.

Ashley Osborn
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