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by Sabrina Fearon-Melville

Fresh off her tour supporting Dappy, Lost Girl is getting back to her roots and reminding us why she’s truly one to watch for 2022.

Sitting in a hotel room, Lost Girl is all smiles: “London can’t get rid of me boy,” she tells us. She’s had a hell of a start, from going viral covering Yxng Bane song ‘Rihanna’ back in 2017 to releasing her first-ever EP, Est 1999, Lost Girl has proven that her love of garage is something that also resonates with her fans, to say the least.

Originally from Reading, the 22-year-old hitmaker has been coming to London since she was 17 to work on her music career. She always knew that she wanted to work in the industry and like many artists looking to cut their teeth felt as though London was the best place to do so. Juggling a day job and travelling to the capital city regularly, she eventually decided that she had to be all in, “I left that nine-to-five and was coming to London, you know, four days a week and then things started ramping up and it got to like five, six days a week, that I would be here.”

This summer she’s been on the road. Like most artists, the pandemic has left them longing for tour and being back on the circuit. Appearing on Wireless and Reading and Leeds stages for the first time, the tour bug stayed with her and she’s now fresh off supporting longtime grime and hip-hop artist Dappy.

“Every day when I wake up, I feel excited about my life, and I feel like I don’t know what type of call or news I’m going to get each day and that’s always really exciting to me,” she tell us in reference to the growth she’s had over the last year and a bit. In a period of time where most have struggled to grow, she’s thrived, and it shows with her latest project.

Est 1999 has the makings of being a classic garage project, including the single ‘Rockabye’ featuring UK heavy-weight Backroad Gee, the project is Lost Girl’s chance to show fans a culmination of all her hard work. On finally letting her EP being released into the world, Lost Girl tells us, “I didn’t think I would find it as emotional as I did, but the day it came out I just couldn’t stop crying. I just felt really overwhelmed.” This has been a long time coming and she was most excited to let her friends and family get a feel for “the real Lost Girl”: “It was like letting go of a piece of my heart.”

Her favourite track? They all hold a special place in her heart but none as special as ‘Listen’, which has a great backstory: “I was about to leave the studio after another session, it was probably about 2am and [one of my producers] Leon Price, played me the beat and I was like I can’t go, I can’t leave.” She then proceeded to write the lyrics in a single sitting, “I just poured my heart into these tracks”, she tells us. And it’s paid off, you can feel the honesty in Lost Girl’s sound, at times it feels as though she’s speaking through the music and directly into the situation that’s inspired her lyricism.

Working with a number of producers and various talents throughout the industry has really helped to shape her sound, collaborations with the likes of Shift Key on the project and an earlier collaboration with rapper Ivorian Doll.

Lost Girl doesn’t waste time letting us know that her sense of feeling grounded in the industry can be attributed to her manager and friend Tinie Tempah. Having managed her since she was 17, Tinie has been someone she can look to and has helped her navigate the world of producers, writers and getting her sound heard in the right spaces.

“And he somehow figures out how to chat to me whilst doing a million other things at once. He’s just really inspiring. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve got so much to do, and then I look at what he’s doing and I’m like; no it’s fine I can do this.”

Lost Girl is making it work, and sounding amazing whilst doing so. Her first project might be heavily influenced by garage (which she grew up listening to) but she wants readers to know that it’s only just the beginning. “I’ve always wanted people to know that UK garage is something that I love, but it’s not all I do.” She’s looking forward to the journey ahead and what 2022 brings, and we can’t wait to see what’s next…

Est 1999 is available now on all streaming platforms.

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