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Louis Tomlinson curates
Special Edition 'Zine

We’ve only gone and made a zine with 1D alumni Louis Tomlinson - jam-packed with exclusive pics, chats & all the latest on the singer’s new direction.

‘1/4 of One Direction :)’ reads Louis Tomlinson’s 2020 Twitter bio. One-quarter of a band thrust and catapulted into international fame almost a decade ago. Louis has spent the years since the band announced their hiatus finding his voice. His search has been for authentic pop music, pop music that has intentions and levels but still has the traits of popular music he loved so much growing up. Louis’ intentions are clear. “I hope they take away from it that they felt something from the lyrics, and they think that I’m a decent songwriter,” he tells tmrw with an almost unexpected openness. In this interview, Louis has found his voice.

Imagine a ‘zine completed dedicated to Louis Tomlinson. Imagine no more. This is Louis Tomlinson by tmrw.

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Words by Eliza Frost

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