Love Supreme
Drop 8-track debut

Summer is almost upon us. It's time to discover something new, and exciting.

After spending a few years jamming in and around Paris, musicians Joseph Morice and Kenzo Roz came together to create Love Supreme, their unique and charismatic musical project.

Playing as an obvious reference to John Coltrane’s album A Love Supreme (1965), the name of the band automatically highlights its core values: jazz, lust, and love. No less than that. To tell you the truth, Love Supreme’s latest release is a blast. The cavernous, fragile, and voluptuous voice of frontman Joseph Morice immediately strikes the soul, reminiscent of Tom Waits’ whiskey-soaked vocals and nasal yet commanding tone. Clearly, Joseph takes part in redefining the art of crooners, while also redrawing the shapes of sensuality with charcoal. But that’s not all: with poetic lyrics influenced by the various places he’s lived in — such as Paris, London, and Kingston, to name a few — the artist takes his natural sensuality to the next level to emanate the exact definition of true, scary and endless love.

You might think that coming up with sounds that level with such powerful and emotional singing is close to impossible, but the French duo has proven the opposite: Love Supreme’s melodies are impressive, almost theatrical. The band proudly takes its inspirations from Serge Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen, and Tom Waits, while also managing to keep a great deal of authenticity and surrealism. The melodies are patient, atypical, full of rebounds and elevations; they allow the listener to let go, while still maintaining full control over the situation.

The self-titled project was launched via Animal 63 — a cutting-edge French label.  The result is gut-wrenching music that envelops you in melodies and electronic soft tunes, sometimes interrupted by a jazzy piano line — such as in Ain’t No Remedy — other times with a heavy drum beat. The 8-track release is an invitation for the curious, a blend of hypnotizing and deeply contemporary sounds that create a dreamy feeling of nostalgia.

Next to the great music are, of course, the intriguing visuals: as mentioned above, the band successfully kicked off their career with the release of their first music video, a 4-minute artefact for their previously dropped single Lonely Feelings.

The powerful, delicate, and truly unique film was thought through and directed by Simon Schmidt, a young creative always keen to explore the world and restore it strikingly. The dreamlike and futuristic atmosphere of the video clearly does justice to the director’s mission: the film includes a series of stunning scenes, creating a surreal narrative that involves the falling of a dog, a beautiful girl waking up in a massive bed, a robotic baptism-like ceremony, and a party, amongst other things. Uncomfortable, beautiful and mind-blowing at the same time — no wonder the song was picked by Netflix for the trailer of The 5th season of Black Mirror.

Love Supreme doesn’t belong to any genre, and that’s exactly what lies behind the subtle and mysterious charm of the band. The music vacillates between jazz, downtempo electro, and torch songs waiting for dawn. The songs are raw, honest, melancholic, but never indulge in extreme sadness.

The French music scene might be full of synth-pop and local hip-hop, but Love Supreme are breaking all the rules and heading out in their own direction. We’re very excited to see what comes next.

Words by Diane Theunissen

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