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Maestro Kaytranada heads up the controls.

Imagine already being produced by Kaytranada at twenty years old. It makes us feel old beyond our years, and we’re only eight. But in magazine years, that’s like forty, or something. We’ll need to find a formula.

Anyhow, enough about us. Onto Maeta – the rocket-fuelled rising singer tipped for stratospheric levels of pop stardom. Building up a buzz via Soundcloud and Instagram, the Indianapolis singer released ‘Do Not Disturb’ last year to swathes of happy ears, with slinky r’n’b tune ‘Babygirl’ making a particular impression in the playlists of the world. Now, she’s back working on her new EP ‘Habits’, trailed by this single, ‘Teen Scene’.

Kaytranada’s usual wizardry is as hypnotising as always, casting hooks into a backing of shuffling, funky goodness. It’s Maeta’s vocals, though, that make it. Her voice is citrus-fruit fresh, winding its way across the beat effortlessly. To top it off, we’ve been treated with a verse from equally buzzy act Buddy, delivered with a level of coolness that could keep an entire box of ice-pops frozen.

‘I’ve always used music to help work through my emotions,’ Maeta says alongside the tune. ‘I hope my new music can get people in their feels and help them deal with whatever relationships they’re going through right now.’

Ain’t that nice? That’s what music’s all about, for us – hitting us right in the feels and forgetting that, at twenty, we were more likely to be found with a hairbrush in our room than in the studio with Kaytranada.

Check out the new video for ‘Teen Scene’ below.

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