Maggie Lindemann shares visuals to
'Friends Go'

Maggie Lindemann’s heart takes the form of a pink convertible in her new video for recent track ‘Friends Go’. Watch the car tumble, smash and explode, which pretty much mimics what we’ve all felt during actual heartbreak perfectly.

As Maggie sings, “White jacket, white pills / Told me I would feel better / But now, you ain’t here / Will I ever feel better? / ‘Cause if you’re only in my head / I don’t wanna get out of it” in reference to a difficult and toxic relationship, we see her on a road trip with a loved-up, hands intertwined, ‘watch my new skate trick’ couple. Even the cartoons being shown in the car seat headrests are coupled-up.

The ‘Friends Go’ music video titled ‘Death By Third Wheel’ was directed by Van Alpert. It sees a pink convertible car tumble over a cliff edge and down a mountain, which is not only an accurate representation of how your heart feels, but also what you want to do when you’re the front wheel on a tricycle for too long. Or at least how your brain looks inside. Threes a crowd for a reason, no?

Alpert says of the music video direction and his vision, “I wanted the car to be a representation of Maggie’s heart. The car crashing, bouncing and exploding in artistic ways gives you an overall feeling of excitement. When you lose your mind from being excluded from your friends or love, your heart goes through it, just like the car.”

“I wanted the car to be a representation of Maggie's heart.”

Maggie told tmrw exclusively how this video has “been my favourite music video to shoot ever. I’m really excited, it looks really good.” And she isn’t wrong.

Now, give us a ride in the Barbie pink convertible. Pre-smash up, minus the couple. Just us, Maggie and ‘Friends Go’ on repeat. Please.

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Words by Eliza Frost

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