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by Tori Sharp

Following on from the global success of 'Jerusalema', Master KG returns and he has brought his friends.

The rapid rise for South-African producer, songwriter and DJ Master KG owes its thanks to the Gen-Z favourite hangout spot TikTok and partly to the pandemic that has gripped us all over the last year. Back in Summer 2020, the sun was shining, and we were slowly emerging from our lockdown hibernation. We were in need of an anthem, a song to lift our spirits and rally the usual summer feeling back to its former glory. Enter ‘Jerusalema’: chivvied along by the support of a TikTok dance craze, the song kicked off the season in a musical frenzy. It captured the imagination of each nation, with the likes of Janet Jackson joining in the craze and South African president Cyril Ramaphosa encouraging participation.  

After this wild ride for Master KG (real name: Kgaogelo Moagi) the next logical step was clear, do the same thing again but rally some troops to join in and that is exactly what he has done with Shine Your Light. With Akon and David Guetta in tow, this track is sure to bring all the joy to your summer celebrations. We were lucky enough to chat with the Master himself to comprehend the new collab and he was a ray of sunshine.  

Congratulations on the new track, ‘Shine Your Light’! How are you feeling about releasing this track after the success of your previous music?

‘Jerusalema’ was one of those moments that I’ll never forget. So many things have happened that I never thought would happen in my music career. Since I started making music, I’d never had a song of that nature [in terms of magnitude]. It’s still going strong in some parts of the world.  Going forward, I want to be myself and grow my sound as I’m also growing personally. None of the music I’ve made has been under pressure and I feel so long as I’m making good music, it’ll do what it’s supposed to do.

How did the collaboration come about? What is it about Guetta and Akon that made you think of them for this track?

I’m so blessed to collaborate with them on our new collaboration ‘Shine Your Light’. They are two legends who have done a lot up until now. Every time they’ve made a song, it’s been a hit. The three of us combined came up with something really different. I initially started a beat which I sent to David and he added his own touch and we did a back and forth. After recording the song and adding further elements to it between the two of us, Akon jumped onto it. We just want to spread a positive message that unites the world despite different cultures. Music is for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are.

Some of the ‘Jerusalema’ support came from the TikTok success. How did it feel seeing millions of people create a dance to your music?

When I created the song, I never even thought about how it could go viral or even thinking about dance challenges. I just wanted to create good music, a good dance, spiritual song and then what happened afterwards I couldn’t believe it.  It just shows you if people really love something how far it can go!

Are there plans to perform live? Your music would shine in a stadium!

Hopefully! Watch this space.

Can you tell us about what you have coming up next?

I’m working hard in the studio. I believe at the rate I’m working; an album could come from that. For now, we’re focusing on this song and then we’ll see whether we’ll release another single or an entire album.

Press play on ‘Shine Your Light’ below now…

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