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by Maja Bebber

MILYMA is a musician, vocalist and producer known for her eclectic blend of experimental pop.

Her world building capabilities with both music and visuals, place her amongst avant-pop creators like FKA Twigs and Arca.

MILYMA is based in the creative city of Basel in Switzerland and was born in Germany to Spanish parents. Her music explores the experimental fringes of pop that nods to hip-hop as well as classical, with her cascading arpeggios at the heart of her music making. Her journey into music began through dance, leading her to a deeper exploration of sound and production. At the age of 18, she acquired her first synthesizer, embarking on a “learning by doing” journey that would ultimately shape her musical identity. At the core of her music are cascading arpeggios, a testament to her technical prowess and creative vision. MILYMA just released her debut album ‘Only lovers left a lie.’ as well as the video to her song ‘Not even that.’

For tmrw, she created an exclusive mix.

  2. MILYMA – Summerwhisper
  3. Loukeman – Gorgeous Stuff
  4. ML Buch – Working it out
  5. Ange Halliwell feat. Sarahsson – Autumn Interlude
  6. Astrid Sonne – Staying here
  7. Pretty V – 52 feat. Archy Marshall 
  8. Klein – redemption tour
  9. Gabriel Gifford – Arrows
  10. Xzavier Stone – DOG FIGHT feat. Lavurn
  11. Hawa – PROGRESSION
  12. Actress – Hit That Spdiff ( b 8 )
  13. Rainy Miller x Space Afrika – 1-2-1

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