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Meet Edie Yvonne:The 15-year-old indie-pop singer documenting her generation.

by HQ

When L.A.-based music artist Edie Yvonne decided to release a new song every month throughout 2023, it set her apart from what most teens her age were doing with their free time. But now - several hundred thousand streams later and with a dozen bona fide pop hits to her name - Edie Yvonne is proving that age doesn’t matter when it comes to success. Here, she gives us an insight into her talents.

Three months into 2024, Edie Yvonne is still trying to process how busy and successful the previous year was for her. 

The 15-year-old pop singer – who was already a successful child actress when she turned to music a few years back – started 2023 with a commitment to release a brand new single each month. 

The songs she released included major pop hits such as ‘Girl Code,’ ‘Darkness Bliss,’ and ‘Queen Bee’ – all brilliantly dissected the social politics of high school life and love. By the end of the year, she had emerged as a serious contender for the title of ‘Voice of Her Generation.’ 

But Edie is taking all of this in her stride. When asked about her music and how she set about writing these powerful, confessional songs, she stresses: “I write lyrics all day. I carry around songwriting journals with me wherever I go. I also take lots of voice memos.” 

She adds that once she can sit at an instrument or in a studio, she’ll start turning her diary recordings and voice notes into melodies and lyrics. “I’ll pound out music on a guitar or keyboard,” she says, “I’ll share it with my producers, and we will collaborate in the studio to map it out.”

Edie has won overwhelming acclaim for her emotive style, combined with a distinctive sound that she likes to call “indie and dream-pop.” 

“I trained with Katie Riggs and Miguel Manzo as my singing coaches,” she says, explaining the team behind her that helped unlock her artistry. She also points to the producers Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta as two people who have been formative in her music. “I’ve been working with them for a while now, and they’re a blast,” she says enthusiastically. “I have also been working with some new producers as well on new singles. I’m learning a lot while doing all this, and I am lucky to have these opportunities.” 

Indeed, Edie counts herself continually blessed to be surrounded by talented musicians. She cites her fellow artists – and family friends – Alice Smith and Joy Huerta as two of her inspirations “because of their flawless vocals.” Meanwhile, she also says she’s been “listening to a lot of Lykke Li, Bjork, and Fiona Apple” to influence her songwriting. 

As for what comes next for Edie, she gives the impression that she’s at an unstoppable moment in her career. Fresh from releasing her latest single ‘Delusion,’ in February 2024, she’s currently plotting out more releases for the new future and a debut album on the horizon. 

“I have so many songs in the pipeline,” she says brightly, “I can’t wait to share them!”

Find out more about Edie Yvonne here

Photos by Cathryn Farnsworth


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