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by Alex Brzezicka

The brilliant frogi timetravels to sing her younger self sweet words of acceptance and self-love in 'phantom limb'.

Hopping onto our radar over a year ago with the release of ‘moonlight’ and later success of the 2020 tear-worthy single ‘Dylan’. Today frogi is back to mend broken hearts with a song-shaped love letter, ‘phantom limb’, released on new label; Apartment 22.

Los Angeles-based songwriter frogi has been mastering the art of casting spells using the surreal charm of her voice with sulky glitch-pop coating for a while now. Before signing to Apartment 22, she’s been releasing music completely independently. So far, she’s climbed up to the title of Top 10 Trending Artists, graced H&M and Ralph Lauren’s in-store playlists and appeared on Spotify’s hyped Fresh Finds. Wielding a weapon made of pure talent and raw emotion, frogi’s got a head start on the way to stardom.

“I like to travel in time when I write songs and visit different versions of myself,” says frogi on her newest release. ‘phantom limb’ was a hell of a journey, back to the turbulent teenage years when lack of self-worth and excess of toxic people can easily overrule anyone’s sense of self-worth and play mischief with still-forming identity. Seeing this from the perspective of a person who’d eventually found peace and self-respect, frogi let loose her velvety vocal to echo into the pain chamber of past experiences. She hits all the right notes, hinting Frank Ocean’s subtle sensibility and Billie Eilish’s modern melancholia. All to the heartbeats-like pounding artificial pulse. “I find it healing to talk to my younger self and show her love she didn’t know back then. I think it pieces broken parts of my present self back together,” frogi adds.

That musical dialogue, entirely written and produced by the artist, with mixing and mastering by Jonas Karlsson (Zayn, blackbear), is a beautiful example of self-directed radical empathy. It proves that personal growth is within reach. Especially if we’ve got enough strength for an inner quest in search of forgiveness.

‘Phantom limb’ is an unexpected example of a song that, despite sourcing dark matter from a broken heart, is strangely comforting. The day when frogs will sing as beautifully as birds has come. We will stay for the show.

Press play on frogi’s ‘phantom limb’ below now…

Victoria Lemmus
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