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by Kitty Robson

An outsider's look at Canada's music scene and the city that made it.

There are worse places you could be locked down in than one of the world’s most beautiful cities, for UK singer songwriter and producer Miller Blue, his quarantine left him stuck out in Toronto. With little to do but explore and discover, he took the opportunity to get to know his new home, and delved deep into the culture he could still find.

Taking us on his journey with him, Miller Blue has curated a unique playlist of Canada’s best tunes alongside a personal photo diary of shots he’s taken whilst getting to know Toronto. To celebrate the release of new track ‘Blush’, following on from the Toronto-shot video for ‘Me, Myself & I’, we catch up with Miller Blue to hear all about his time in the Great White North. Press play on ‘Miller Blue in Toronto’ and scroll down to check out his unique photo story below now…

‘Sticky Fingers’ – Rascalz

“Canadian hip hop at its finest. A great one to have on while walking around the streets of downtown.”

‘Circles’ – WizTheMC

“I met Wiz during my recent time spent in Toronto at an outdoor event (socially distanced of course) We only spoke briefly but he had a beaming yellow aura surrounding him and his music certainly matches it.”

‘Hayloft’ – Mother Mother

“I got recommended to this band during a meeting with David Quilico of Sony Canada, what a sweetie. I was instantly hooked on this one in particular. BIG ENERGY.”

‘OPEN WOUND’ – Just John

“Another warming presence, Just John and I first linked up at my apartment in London where we spent the day making some music. More BIG ENERGY, this guy speak his truth.”

‘First Place’ – Bulow

“As sweet as her music is catchy. Me and bülow linked up in London for a session and she’s just a super cool person. Very genuine and well we just got on. This is her new song and it doesn’t disappoint.”

‘Peaches’ – Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar & Giveon

“I heard this along with the rest of the new Bieber album on my last day in Toronto. Me and my partner blasted it in the car on the drive to the airport. Definitely my favourite from the album and lets not forget the silky smooth goodness from Daniel & Giveon… mmm mm mmmm.”

‘Take Care Of You’ – Charlotte Day Wilson & SYD

“This hook has been stuck in my head for months. A beautiful mix of both of their artistries. This one was on repeat during my cold Canadian waterside walks.”

‘When A Girl’ – CARYS

“Well, what can I say… My partner. An inspiration to me. I’m so proud of everything she stands for both in her personal life and her music.”

‘Little Green’ – Joni Mitchell

“Joni’s voice always gives me peace of mind. This has become one of my favourites. It reminds me to stop and appreciate what’s around me as it may never be there again.”

‘Bus Stop’ – Serena Ryder

“This one just feels true. I was introduced to Serena’s music during my time in Toronto and this one made me pull the stinkiest face. That post melody… Ohhhh boy, yes please.”

Press play on Miller Blue’s new track ‘Blush’ below now…

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