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by Lola Christina Alao

Press play on the duo's new track.

MONEYPHONE, made up of duo Enoch and David, have just dropped their lead single ‘Indecision’. Hailing from Toronto, the two blend genres in a way that is unique and effortless, with a combination between low key pop and syrupy rap.

The pair met back in high school, and have a long standing friendship of seven years. Their close friendship is definitely conveyed in their music, and in the way their sound flows.

The video for ‘Indecision’ features a group of their friends and the larger creative community surrounded by flowers, and opens with the reflective message “I think it’s like trusting those communities and trusting yourself”. The song flicks back and forth between softly spoken rap and delicate harmonies.

MONEYPHONE bring a new and progressive sound to the world of pop. On the current pop music landscape, speaking to Complex, David from the duo has said, “It’s been cool seeing the reintroduction of pop happen in real time. It just represents the fact that labels and genre don’t really matter but you can still make something personal that’s for everyone”.

Watch and listen to MONEYPHONE’s new track ‘Indecision’ below.

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