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More GiraffesReveal visuals to 'Treehouse'

by Megan Armstrong

'Treehouse' provides an uplifting glimpse into the Los Angeles-based duo's project as a whole.

“Welcome to Wednesday,” Keeley Bumford sings to begin More Giraffes’ single “Treehouse,” and on this Wednesday, the song’s accompanying official music video for is debuting exclusively with tmrw.

More Giraffes, comprised of Keeley Bumford and Mark Hadley, have successfully synthesised a classic childhood dream with “Treehouse.” The video, directed by Zac Wolf and shot by Russell Tandy, juxtaposes a nostalgic subject with futuristic lighting to match the group’s trademark futuristic sound. Their tiny tree house lights up in oscillating neon colours, on cue with each beat drop. They are dressed in youthful Girl Scout and Boy Scout uniforms, freely in their own little world. Bumford’s vocals float over a grounded message: a reminder of the peace that can be found when daily distractions are eliminated, and life is stripped back down to the basics.

Bumford sings in the first verse: “Melting my youth in a waffle cone, bubblegum blue, eyes like the moon / Taking it back to the analogue days / Before we were pawns in the digital game we lose, turn off the news / And climb, climb, climb.”

“We wrote ‘Treehouse ‘ with one of our best friends, Jeremy Silver,” the pop duo explained in a press release. “He had just gotten back from a retreat where he stayed in a literal treehouse in Hawaii, so we wrote this song about getting above it all, in a treehouse. Castle in the clouds, 10 feet off the ground.”

They added in a comment to tmrw: “‘Treehouse’ is all about getting above all the noise. All our music videos for this EP imagine alternate surreal worlds for the songs to come to life in. For the ‘Treehouse’ video, we found a hilarious bed on Craigslist that looks like a miniature tree house and just had a party up there.”

The EP as mentioned above is titled Bermuda and due for a Sept. 18 release. Watch the full “Treehouse” video for the first time below:


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