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French producer Mosey has developed a presence on the djing scene over the last few years. Playing clubs such as the legendary Space Ibiza, and festivals such as Burning Man, Mosey has also dominated the decks at prestigious fashion parties for the likes of Fendi, Lacoste, Tod´s, Marie Claire, MCM, and Asos.

It all started for Mosey when he began producing beats for local rappers, releasing electronic products and compiling music for tv and movie soundtracks. But, it’s so much more than that now. He’s occupying a space and is ready to be heard. That’s where latest So Damn Funky comes into it. To all the Mosey newbies, it’s sure to get you counting down to the weekend.

So Damn Funky was the result of Mosey experimenting with a meeting of minds of his favourite genres: French House and Hip Hop. So Damn Funky combines Mosey’s own vocals, with Bonita’s, a 19-year old who is making waves in the collective Sounds of Paris.

When asked about his choice of a career in music, he said: “I chose an artistic path, cause in every other field we’ve been asked to put our feelings to one side and it’s something that always seemed impossible for me to achieve”. But music sits outside of that realm. Every time he tried other pursuits it felt like he was dissolving myself- whereas in music your wounds, your joys, are basically your raw material.

The first music that had an impact was African-American, spanning gospel, R&B, soul and hip-hop. But once again he draws most of his inspiration from life, and the raw material that goes with it. The sensation you might have felt once, perhaps for less than a second, that you can lament by translating it into a tune.

“I chose an artistic path, cause in every other field we’ve been asked to put our feelings to one side”

Mosey was surrounded by music growing up, and started going out with his older cousins very young. It was an extremely influential time. The music that the DJ was playing back then was mainly French house. People like Cassius, Daft Punk, Demon and Julien Jabre made most impact because I discovered them there and then. In the heat of those special nights out, that first foray into a new world of music. The sounds became not only representative of Paris, but a symbol of the nightlife that has formed a huge part of Mosey’s identity.

He cited the likes of Timbaland, The Neptunes, Kanye, Daft Punk, Marvin Gaye and D’Angelo as big personal inspirations. But he doesn’t believe in aspiring to replicate anyone else, favouring working towards an assured version of the self. It may feel like a never-ending quest, but it’s definitely the goal.

The music industry and pop culture are in constant motion, making keeping relevant, understood and popular vital to sustaining any longevity. But, we’re in such a period of motion and with each day comes a new trend. I posed Mosey with a question about the future of music, and he retorted with “I’ve no idea what we’ll be listening to, but I think music, art, and literary artists, in general, have a great role to play with the emergence of A.I.” He believes more & more people will be able to choose this path, which will no longer be perceived as something ‘marginal’.

We’re looking forward to everything else Mosey has to offer. Check his ‘So Damn Funky’, below.

Words by Emma McCormack

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