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Nea drops ‘Dedicated’A modern tale of exes and commitment

by Malvika Padin

Rising singer-songwriter Nea releases new single 'Dedicated' and hopes to connect with the world through music.

Swedish singer Nea hopes to be a friend to people through her songs. Whether in happiness or sadness, she wants her listeners to know that she’s by their side.

Considering the moment her music is finally out for the universe to hear as the best part of making songs, the release of her latest single ‘Dedicated’ earlier this year was a big moment for the singer.

Speaking of the message behind the track, she says, “Dedicated is in many ways a song that I could hear my ex sing to me. I’ve more than once been that annoying person in a relationship who stands with one foot in and one foot out the door because I don’t dare to give in – to be fully dedicated to the relationship. In this song, I sing the words, but the inspiration actually comes from what I think he felt.”

Delving into the details of her artistry, including her sonic and lyrical evolution, Nea says, “Since I’ve been working as a songwriter for other artists for many years I’m very used to going between sounds depending on what artist I’ve been working with. For my own artistry I love a mix of modern and organic – like using both acoustic guitars and 808 in the same song for example. I’m also very inspired by the 90s era.”

She expands on the experiences she draws from, “Sometimes the songs are based on my personal stories, and other times it’s the stories of my friends or something I see in a movie. When I hang with my friends, I constantly bring up my phone to write down little notes and quotes they say to use in my songs. They should probably get publishing credits on some of them!”

Reflecting on the most memorable moment of her career, she says “I released my first song, ‘Some Say’, as an artist in September 2019 and to see it climbing on the charts all over Europe has been a crazy feeling! It’s for example been #1 on the radio for ten weeks in Sweden and #2 on the radio in France – that’s more than I could ever have imagined!”

Nea is all heart in everything she does – as she explains she’s dedicated to “Friends, red wine, my bed” – so it’s no surprise her future goal is simply to release music that goes straight from her heart to their hearts of her listeners. On the topic of what’s next, she also adds, “I’m releasing a new single on Friday the 27th (actually a cover of a song I originally wrote for Zara Larsson), and an EP is coming out before summer!”

Friendly, passionate and personable, Nea’s as dedicated as can be.


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