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by Lola Christina Alao

Zaire is the 20-year-old newcomer you need to know.

With heavy-hitting tracks and aims to shed light on the history of Congo, especially with the #CongoIsBleeding campaign, Zaire is breaking boundaries. ‘Shotti’ is his debut release, accompanied by a powerful video that delves into themes such as war, combat and conflict.

The track is produced by upcoming London-based producer, Mike Brainchild. In the Meeks and Frost directed visuals, a historical fact about Congo at the start of the video sets the scene, “King Leopold II of Belgium acquired the Kingdom of Kongo in 1885, making it for his own exploration. His army proceeded to force locals to mine the many bountiful natural resources.”

Zaire moved to the UK when he was just 4 years old, and speaks three languages, including speaking French, English and Kiswahili. His church upbringing gave him the opportunity to learn instruments like drums, keys, bass and guitar; as well as developing his voice and sound.

Speaking on ‘Shotti’, Zaire said “For me, the song is about being strong and confident enough to stand at the frontline and face anything, whatever it may be. In my life I’ve seen a lot and have learnt to always expect the unexpected, that’s why in the hook I say “just in case” – Because you never know in this life what may come your way. It’s a warning to always be prepared.”

Press play on the video below.

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