new wave rawness
Introducing: SWSH

Deliciously perfect runs, raspy vocals and an ability to switch her style up on virtually every track

It’s not often that you come across a voice and think to yourself “How the hell is this person not everywhere right now?!” and actually mean it, but give Swsh one listen and you’ll find yourself doing exactly that.

Having been discovered by one of the UK’s most forward-thinking DJs, Jamz Supernova, Swsh is now taking the world by storm under the wing of Jamz’s record label, Future Bounce. Through her unapologetic style and carefree attitude, it’s easy to see how an artist like Swsh has been picked up by the label, proving how a real connection between a label and their acts is key: “Jamz was sort of travelling at the time that she discovered me! She actually likes the EPs she chooses and supports new artists, which is so nice.”

Swsh’s ability to produce such a distinctive sound has already proved to be successful with her first EP, Soup, reaching number one in the EP Top Five on the Future Bounce radio show. As an all-around creator, she explains how “I tend to spend my day painting and writing music but visual art can be frustrating. Music is different as people listen to it and see it however they want to.” Although her fearless nature oozes from her tracks, the challenges of advancing in the industry are still something Swsh is learning to face: “I haven’t always received support from everyone. My dad goes and brags about me a lot but then I’ve also had my friend’s grandmas not showing the same support. You can’t please everyone!”

Armed with killer vocals and a distinctively alternative style, it could be easy to assume that nothing stands in Swsh’s way as she builds a name for herself. However, the prospect of combining travelling and performing provides a glimpse of a very human side to the singer: “Touring makes me both nervous and excited. I once did three dates in a row and behaved like a big ‘ole baby ass bitch the whole time. I just get nervous about how I’d cope without my creature comforts.” All concerns aside, Swsh maintains an inspiring desire to see more of the world, bringing her unmistakable sound and attitude with her as she spreads a message of self-love and empowerment.

Having already worked with J.KELR, producer for Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and Anderson. Paak, big things are set to be just around the corner. Her most recent single, In Luv, demonstrates once again her natural ability to resonate with real-life romances and the barrage of self-doubt that comes with a newfound love interest. Regarding her emotive topics, Swsh reveals how “I sometimes worry about sounding generic, but I have no problem with blanket lyrics as I’m striving to make relatable music. ” The future seems bright for Swsh and, in a dream world, icons Roy Ayres and Usher would feature on her albums, a prospect that doesn’t seem too ambitious when you’re already such an extraordinary individual.


You can fall stream Swsh’s ‘In Luv’, bellow.



Words by Claudia Knight

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