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Olive Louise:Facing the Unknown with "No Medicine"

by HQ

Olive Louise is a name that rings with intrigue and allure. With her captivating vocals and enchanting melodies, she leaves audiences spellbound and wanting more.

Drawing from various influences such as indie folk, Americana, and dream pop, her music exudes a poetic nature that is truly unique. It feels like she is speaking directly to your soul, creating an intimacy that is hard to match.

Olive’s world is a visually eerie one, where comfort and naturalness coexist. It draws inspiration from the Victorian age, creating an exceptional and mysterious atmosphere. Her latest single, “No Medicine,” is evidence of her ability to convey complex emotions through her music. Featuring an entrancing rhythm, and mellow vocals combined with indie pop melodies, alongside notes that will make you feel immersed in a dream, the song is a real treat. Her poetic expertise shines like a bright beacon in her lyrics, truly a cathartic journey is provided through her bardic storytelling.

Now, if we focus on the video itself, it perfectly captures the essence of “No Medicine.” She pours her heart out as she portrays herself signing in several locations. The whole aesthetic has a vintage quality enhanced by a VHS-style filter, making a mellow but somehow, lonely journey. The sparse instrumentation and moody melodies create a powerful experience for listeners and viewers alike.

On the single she confides, “There’s no fix that can rid the world of pain or suffering. Nothing changes the fact that we are all here for a short time and are all doing what we can to feel like our time here means something. I often wish things in my own life had played out differently, and I often find myself afraid of what the future will bring.”

Olive Louise is an inconspicuous time traveler, seeking those hungry for real storytelling and adventure. She brings you on a journey through space and time, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the complexities of life. Don’t miss out on this release. You are in for something absolutely special.

Music Video Director: Barbara Safonkina


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