Our Class of 2019

British musician Alexander Kotz, professionally known as Elderbrook, began his career as a musician in 2015 with the release of his first EP. He gained fame when one of his tracks “How Many Times” went on to be remixed by German duo Andhim, which then went on to become one of Mixmag’s best songs of 2015.

The singer, who always used to sing, picked up the guitar and immediately wanted to start making music of his own. He says,” I never really wanted to play or learn other people’s music, I found that boring. I got a band together when I was 14 or 15, and we were making music out of my friend’s garage, and that’s how I started.”

Speaking of the origins of his name Elderbrook, he says, “What started off as four people making music soon became me with a guitar, before that evolved to using synths and electronic drums until eventually there was no more guitar left. And I needed a new name to match this new style of music. I was watching a Reggie Watts stand up on Netflix, in which he was talking about English sounding names, and he mentioned,
“now introducing the lovely lady Elderbrook.” I thought the name was pretty cool, and no one had taken it yet, so I took the name.”
Inspired by his own experiences and that of others, he hopes his music encourages listeners to be a better person.

Despite achieving critical acclaim with his music -including a Grammy nomination- Kotz’ most memorable moment as far as his career is concerned is when his song played on the radio when he wasn’t expecting it. And the coming year is sure to bring more memories as he sets up to release an EP (in 2018), an album and go on tour.

Words by Malvika Padin / Photography by Grace Pickering

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