Our Class of 2019

Hailing from south-east London, young rapper/ producer Romzy has talent and maturity that is beyond his years. Dappling in drill, trap, dancehall, grime, hip-hop and Afro Bashment- this rising talent emulates his influences of Stormzy, Giggs, Not3s and J Hus within his current music.

Speaking about his sound, and it’s evolution, he says, “People like to label me as Afro swing artist, but personally I would say my sound is quite versatile. My sound has definitely evolved in the sense that when I started out- it was grime- now I’m experimenting with a lot of different styles. I think I’m still finding my sound.”

His music, he says, comes from personal experiences and from everything around him- from his musical influences to his family, to some of the UK acts that are currently shining.

“Some of these acts they aren’t far off from where I am, and they are doing very well. And it makes think that as long as you show hard work and determination, the path that you take will always lead to a good result’, he says.

The message he’d like to convey to audiences through his music reflects the above sentiment, as he says, “My message would be work hard and never stop doing what you’re doing.”

From getting signed to his well-received performance at Reading festival to having his breakthrough banger ‘Bottles Get Popped’ become a club anthem, this teen talent has had a lot of highlights in his career, and you’re definitely going to be seeing more of him as he is currently working on and gearing up for the release of his first official mixtape.

Words by Malvika Padin / Photographer by Jahnay Tennai

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