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by Tori Sharp

With their latest track 'not ok', Peach Tree Rascals will sweeten your summer.

LA-based collective Peach Tree Rascals radiate positivity through their genre-bending music and their new track not ok doesn’t disappoint. Having met in high school and bonded over their love of music, the 5-man group, made up of Jorge, Issac, Dom, Tarrek, and Joseph, “mutually decided that this was something we wanted to spend the rest of our lives doing and to make it a priority to be the best we can be”. They tell me that when deciding their name, it had to feel “happy and sweet, and represent (their) love for nature and the inspiration of being outdoors”, and “Rascals” perfectly fitted their personalities. 

They each have their own role to play within the group, from writing to producing, and creating videos. They cohesively meld together into an extended family, taking a hands-on approach to everything they do. This attitude is reflected in their music, which brings together R&B, pop, rock and hip-hop in a dreamy, summery landscape. With this blend, each song has a unique feel to it and having a wide range of inspiration aids this; “our palates are all over the board. We listen to everyone from Frank Ocean, to John Mayer, to Clairo…but we have a Peach Tree sound.”

The latest drop not ok is a “pretty good representation of how a lot of people feel right now”, which they “wrote from the perspective of wanting to escape from a moment”.  Despite being safe and healthy in lockdown, the situation has brought a halt to their tour but has lent time to boosting their creativity while being “locked up together at the Peach Treehouse.”

The quintet is making waves right now and aim to provide solace for others in their music. They tell me “we always do what’s right to us and never try to chase a trend or sound” and this collective individuality is invaluable. Looking forward, to play at Red Rocks is their biggest dream, and they would love to collaborate with Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande and the internet’s boyfriend, Harry Styles. I expect to hear a lot more from Peach Tree Rascals over the next year, so for now, keep an eye on our Instagram for their upcoming live performance.


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