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Peyton Gilliland:Feel the Alluring Jolt of her New EP!

by HQ

Let’s face it. You most likely need a sexy rock and roll touch for your December playlist to take the edge off those saccharine holiday classics. Fear not, Peyton Gilliland is here to paint your crimson and dark with her newest EP, “Lipstick & Lithium.”

Peyton Gilliland‘s musical journey from the church-singer-to-rock-singer pipeline has shaped her unique sound, characterized by a graceful intensity and a touch of angst turned to strength. However, her EP is far from glum. Instead, it radiates a seductive and bold energy, capturing the essence of her artistry.

This record means a lot to Peyton, more so than you would think:

“This EP is so special to me for so many reasons. I believe it’s a collection of my best work to date and it holds so many memories with the incredible creatives that helped bring this project to life. One of those important people in the making of not only this EP but at least 80% of my catalog is Craig Wilson. My friend Craig passed away earlier this year and this EP was one of the last projects he worked on. Lipstick and Lithium was the last song we ever wrote together. We were still waiting for the masters when he passed so he never got to hear the finished product but I know he would have loved it and he would have been so proud.”

At the young age of 20, Gilliland has already made a name for herself by collaborating with renowned producers in the music industry. Notable names include Lincoln Parish from Cage the Elephant, Brian Chirlo who has worked with artists like Amy Winehouse, and Paramore, as well as Mads from Imagine Dragons. Adding to her accomplishments, she has also been a finalist in both the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition and the International Songwriting Competition. With such an impressive resume, one would naturally set high expectations for her, and Peyton exceeds those expectations by delivering a collection of songs that will both captivate and surprise you.

With a fusion of bluesy notes, touches of country rock, and a solid pop structure, this seven-song record leaves a lasting impact. Prepare to be captivated by Gilliland’s powerful vocals and the irresistible charm of her EP, as she fearlessly embraces her musical identity and invites listeners into a world of kickass and audacious soundscapes.

The titular track is a killer ‘revenge’ anthem that takes down a man with a massive ego, delivering a satisfying comeuppance. With lyrics like “Looking like a cheap Jared Leto / You couldn’t even handle my stilettos,” Peyton takes charge and turns the power balance on this guy who never stood a chance with her. The track is a testament to Peyton’s ability to just be fierce.

Now, how does the EP measure up to its rock credentials? Well, let me tell you, it rocks hard. Peyton has crafted a high-intensity rock and roll opus that pays homage to the genre’s predecessors while carving out her own unique sound. Every song is meticulously crafted, with attention to detail and a relentless energy that fills every moment with kick-ass riffs and intense, loud beats. Notably, there’s an incredible solo right in the middle of the opening track, “God Complex,” where Peyton showcases her powerhouse vocals and leaves no doubt about her rock prowess.

“Lipstick & Lithium” is a striking title that cleverly contrasts two seemingly different elements. “Lipstick” evokes femininity, beauty, and confidence, while “lithium” can refer to batteries and the high energy of Peyton’s music, as well as its use in treating bipolar disorder. This combination suggests a duality or complexity that is reflected in the music. The title alludes to finding balance between different aspects of oneself, such as strength and vulnerability, or light and darkness. But all we really know is that it rocks hard as hell.

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