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Pineal LabsAre a new kind of record label

by Malvika Padin

New York-based Neal Anand’s independent record label, Pineal Labs, uniquely approaches music; putting the relaxation of its listeners’ minds at the forefront of its production.

Neal is dedicated to enhancing pineal gland activity through music, and his goal is to use his EEG technology tested music to omit meditative brainwaves. The idea? To help people heal, relax, and fall asleep. His creations delicately lead listeners through the dense haze of their mind, to a place of quiet reflection and contentment.

Latest single ‘Blossom’ is a musical treat for the senses as its ambient, smooth production leaves behind nothing but tranquillity in its wake. It is two and a half minutes of hypnotic bliss, using a delicate soundscape of piano layered over the atmospheric beauty of serene flowing water.


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