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Pinero|Serene share‘Dead Flowers’

by George Ellerby

Although in a similar vein, the London-based duo’s latest ‘Dead Flowers’ demonstrates development since their previous single ‘Take My Soul’.

Channelling several sounds of the ’90s, Pinero|Serene’s latest has a static, time stopping quality which is particularly reminiscent of shoegaze and dream pop. However, the duo achieves this sound without relying on a ‘wall of sound’ or ethereal effect typical of the genres. Their sound is darker, moodier, and, at times, menacing.

It is highly evident that Cheryl Pinero, one half of the duo, is predominantly a bass player. The mix largely favours the bass guitar over other instruments and proves to be the driving force behind the tracks instrumental. The bass guitar has a healthy washing of modulation, which – in combination with Neeq Serene’s vocals – is evocative of the Cocteau Twins’ guitar treatment.

On the whole, the track meanders snakily between verse and chorus, never quite launching forward, but instead choosing to insidiously remain in the shadows. Drenched in reverb, Serene provides a rich and sulky alto; positioning herself neck and neck with the dominant presence of Pinero’s bass guitar.

It is an exciting and original listen, and you can check out ‘Dead Flowers’ from their forthcoming EP below.

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