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Porter Robinson ReturnsWith Single 'Get Your Wish'

by Megan Armstrong

The 27-year-old American DJ has unveiled "Get Your Wish," the lead single off of his forthcoming album titled Nurture.

Porter Robinson’s 2014 debut album titled Worlds peaked at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Dance/Electronic Albums and No. 18 on the Billboard 200. However, in the years that followed, Robinson was “doing really badly.”

When announcing “Get Your Wish” (via Mom+Pop) on Wednesday (Jan. 29), his first solo music in nearly six years, Porter vulnerably pulled the curtain back on what he has been up to since his breakout 2014.

“Get Your Wish” features a high-pitched voice, which led some fans to believe that it was someone else. “I’m singing through effects that artificially make my voice much much higher,” Robinson clarified on Twitter. “At first, I did it because it made it easier to talk about painful subjects directly, and then slowly I grew attached to the sound of that voice. It’s meeeeeeeeeeee.”

The vocal distortion is the only artificial aspect of the track. Robinson tackles in the second verse the doubt he waded through following Worlds and how, presumably, he found the strength to move forward: “Don’t say you lose just yet / Get up and move ahead / And not only for yourself / ‘Cause that’s your role / The work that stirred your soul / You can make for someone else.”

The 1.3 billion global streams Robinson has amassed speak to how pleased people will be that he decided to stay the course and return with new music.

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