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by Tori Sharp

His sophomore EP 'Limbo' is out today and is synth-y heaven.

I first came across Postcard Boy, occasionally known as phylm, when I saw the music video for his track Company. The video takes us on a walk along Hollywood Boulevard in real-time 360° vision. An original concept that fitted the individuality of the track. Seeing this video made me excited to hear about his upcoming EP. He tells me that “shooting that video took way longer than it should have. I actually had to make two trips out to Hollywood Boulevard. The first time I went, and I did like twenty takes, but I was way too shy in all the performances for it to be a good video.” But watching the video, you wouldn’t notice this timidity at all.

Postcard Boy is the creative project of San Diego creative Garrett Seamans who has transitioned from videography to music and is now finding his footing: “I am still finding my sound, so musically I don’t know what will come next exactly. I have a couple songs I’ve made over the last few months that might come out at the end of this year.” He tells me that song writing doesn’t come so easily to him, but that he is working out the kinks. “Writing for me is tough and sometimes I don’t know what I’m trying to say on a song until I’ve rewritten a verse multiple times.”


Charlie Alexander
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